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Anesthesiology Education Track Certificate

Anesthesiology Education Track Certificate of Completion Requirements

Once requirements are completed, this certificate is awarded by the URMC Department of Anesthesiology. Requirements can be achieved in any year (s) of residency with completion by residency date of graduation.

Course Requirements

  • Residents are expected to gain teaching experiences, and teaching/learning knowledge that develops their teaching career as Anesthesiologists
  • Residents are assigned an education mentor who will guide you through the track activities, evaluate your teaching sessions and support you throughout your education.
  • Some activities require approval from Education Director
  • Evaluation of education lectures will be assessed by resident peers and the Education Director in order to provide feedback on results of learning
  • Certificate awarded by the Department of Anesthesiology for completion of requirements

Sample Schedule

URMC Anesthesiology (CBY, CA1, CA 2, and CA 3) in combination with Certificate Requirements

Year 1 CBY Intern Schedule

  • Year 1-CBY Intern Rotations over 3-6 months and Anesthesiology Rotations over 6-9 months
  • Attend an education session
  • Teach a 30 minute lecture

Year 2-CA 1 Schedule

  • Year 2-CA 1 anesthesiology rotations
  • Attend an education session
  • Teach a simulator session
  • Teach two 30 minute lectures
  • Develop an original simulator scenario

Year 3- CA 2 Schedule

  • Year 3- CA 2 anesthesiology rotations
  • Teach three 30 minute lectures
  • Teach a simulator session
  • Develop an original simulator scenario

Year 4-CA 3 Schedule

  • Year 4-CA 3 anesthesiology rotations
  • Develop an educational research project
  • Present project at a SEA meeting