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Welcome from Program Director

Michael A. Scharf, MD

Welcome to the University of Rochester's General Psychiatry Residency Program.

As you know, these are exciting times with great promise for the mental health field and for those prepared to practice psychiatry in the 21st century. Throughout our website, you will discover the unique qualities that enable our program to prepare psychiatry residents for rich and rewarding careers in patient care, education and research.

Right now, our greatest challenge as a specialty lies in successfully integrating recent strides made in biological bases of diagnosis and treatment with psychiatry's fundamental commitment to the care of individuals. At the same time, cultural and socioeconomic forces are stimulating a powerful health care reform movement. These forces are catalyzing what we believe is a healthy reassessment of our relationships as psychiatrists to other components of the general health care system.

Our department's long-standing values—compassion, dedication, personal integrity and a constant striving for professional excellence—form the foundation for preparing residents to meet these and other challenges with the highest levels of competence and confidence.

Of course, the best way to appreciate the richness of our psychiatry training environment is to visit Rochester for yourself to take a close-up look at our comprehensive program and outstanding resources. We invite you to do so.

By talking with members of our large and diverse faculty, you will gain an appreciation for the unwavering commitment that they bring to the teaching enterprise. By speaking with our residents, you will come to understand the special contributions that they, as colleagues, will make to your education.

We wish you the best in your search for a training program. If you think Rochester may be the right one for you, we look forward to meeting and getting to know you.