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The URBEST program is structured to allow for a high degree of flexibility, ensuring that trainees can meet their own self-defined learning needs. Please browse the URBEST Calendar for activities you might want attend. You are welcome to attend activities even if you are not officially enrolled.

Open enrollment takes place each November 1 – 15 and April 1 – 15. A registration link will be made available at that time.

We envision that trainees will be low-dose, medium-dose, or high-dose URBEST participants, based on URBEST point accumulation through activities. Do not worry that you are not participating enough.  As a program, we are interested in evaluating how URBEST dosing affects trainee career development confidence and satisfaction.

Some Basics to Understanding the Program:

  • Enrollment is open to all health science and biomedical PhD graduate students and postdoctoral affiliates.
  • Although many activities take place at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, River Campus students and postdoctoral affiliates are welcome and encouraged to participate and enroll as URBEST trainees.
  • You do not need to be interested in an internship to participate in activities. If you would like to participate in an internship, you must enroll as a URBEST trainee during the November or April registration period.
  • Each URBEST activity you participate in earns you “points.”
  • Points are used to evaluate engagement when selecting trainees for internships, fellowships or travel awards.
  • NIH will track you for 15 years, using email surveys to evaluate career satisfaction and outcomes. 

As A URBEST Trainee You Will Need To Complete Three Mandatory Activities:

  • Yearly URBEST Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Yearly URBEST Retreat and Career Workshop. Please save the date for Thursday September 13th, 2018!
  • EITHER the Spring IND494 Leadership and Management for Scientists (2-credit) Course
  • OR Four Topics in the AAAS Career Development Portal To receive assess to the portal, email and she will provide a link for you to register.