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Student Researchers


Alaa Ahmed
Alaa Ahmed

Research Interest:

Improving LAIV Efficacy and Understanding Methods Underlying HIV Silencing in Astrocytes

Emily Berry
Emily Berry

Research Interest:
Understanding the role of lncRNA Neat1 in maintaining cell identity.
Jamie Burchett
Jamie Burchett

Research Interest:

Understanding the role of the REV-ERB proteins in MYC-driven circadian disruption and cancer. 

Bachelard Dieujuste
Bachelard Dieujuste

Research Interest:

Determining the role of epigenetic mark histone H4 lysine K20 tri-methylation (H4K20me3) at active enhancers upon TGF-beta-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in breast cancer.

Dakarai Esgdaille
Dakarai Esgdaille

Research Interest:
Understanding the roles of lncRNA Neat1 in regulating gene expression and early oncogenesis.
McKayla Ford
McKayla Ford

Research Interest:

Regulation of the transcriptional pause and its role in breast cancer.

Adrian Moises Molina Vargas
Adrian Moises Molina Vargas

Research Interest:
RNA biology, CRISPR-Cas systems. Understanding gRNA design rules for efficient and specific Cas13 RNA-binding in human cells.
Ludia Pack
Ludia Pack

Research Interest:

Restoring Redox/Fyn/c-Cbl (RFC) pathway function as a therapeutic target in non-small cell lung cancers and ovarian cancers, and using transcriptomic and proteomic data to predict additional cancer types of interest

Brandon Park
Brandon Park

Research Interest:

Nucleic Acid Biology, Epigenetics, and Development. My project is focused on the role of H2A.Z in epigenetic inheritance.

Jessica Perciaccante
Jessica Perciaccante

Research Interest:

The function of lncRNAs in heart development; optimizing techniques to identify direct protein interactions with lncRNAs.

Zachary Ward
Zachary Ward

Research Interest:

The role of SUMOylation of HSF1 in the coordination of the heat shock response

Jingyi Wu
Jingyi Wu
Third Year
Justin Youngyunpipatkul
Justin Youngyunpipatkul

Research Interest:

The interplay between neuroimmune interactions and gestational insults on resulting neurodevelopmental sequelae and disease trajectories. 

Shen Zhou
Shen Zhou, M.S.

Research Interest:
Mechanisms of c-Cbl inhibition in basal-like breast cancer
Marco Zocchi
Marco Zocchi

Research Interest:

Cancer Metabolism and Cancer Microenvironment