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Student Researchers


Alaa Ahmed
Alaa Ahmed

Research Interest:

Improving LAIV Efficacy and Understanding Methods Underlying HIV Silencing in Astrocytes

Carl Berggren
Carl Berggren
First Year
Emily Berry
Emily Berry

Research Interest:
Understanding the role of lncRNA Neat1 in maintaining cell identity.
Neha Biju
Neha Biju

Research Interest:

Understanding the effects of gestational vitamin B6 deficiency in offspring metabolic health

Jamie Burchett
Jamie Burchett

Research Interest:

Understanding the role of the REV-ERB proteins in MYC-driven circadian disruption and cancer. 

Bachelard Dieujuste
Bachelard Dieujuste

Research Interest:

Determining the role of epigenetic mark histone H4 lysine K20 tri-methylation (H4K20me3) at active enhancers upon TGF-beta-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in breast cancer.

Dakarai Esgdaille
Dakarai Esgdaille

Research Interest:

Understanding the mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing regulation by the long non-coding RNA Neat1.

McKayla Ford
McKayla Ford

Research Interest:

Regulation of the transcriptional pause and its role in breast cancer.

Jing Guo
Jing Guo

Research Interest:

 The biological mechanisms of aging.

Olivia Hiltke
Olivia Hiltke
First Year
Gladys Leitch
Gladys Leitch
First Year
Lenny Mao
Lenny Mao
First Year
Emily Marshall
Emily Marshall
First Year
Kaushani Misra
Kaushani Misra
First Year
Ludia Pack
Ludia Pack

Research Interest:

Restoring Redox/Fyn/c-Cbl (RFC) pathway function as a therapeutic target in non-small cell lung cancers and ovarian cancers, and using transcriptomic and proteomic data to predict additional cancer types of interest

Brandon Park
Brandon Park

Research Interest:

Nucleic Acid Biology, Epigenetics, and Development. My project is focused on the role of H2A.Z in epigenetic inheritance.

Jessica Perciaccante
Jessica Perciaccante

Research Interest:

The function of lncRNAs in heart development; optimizing techniques to identify direct protein interactions with lncRNAs.

James Shaul
James Shaul
First Year

Research Interest:

Type VI CRISPR and associated bacterial anti-phage defense systems

Ruoqiao Wang
Ruoqiao Wang

Research Interest:

Evaluation of single-cell pathway scoring methods and characterization of monocytes in HIV-positive individuals with atherosclerosis.

Zachary Ward
Zachary Ward

Research Interest:

The role of SUMOylation of HSF1 in the coordination of the heat shock response

Justin Youngyunpipatkul
Justin Youngyunpipatkul

Research Interest:

The interplay between neuroimmune interactions and gestational insults on resulting neurodevelopmental sequelae and disease trajectories. 

Shen Zhou
Shen Zhou, M.S.

Research Interest:
Mechanisms of c-Cbl inhibition in basal-like breast cancer
Marco Zocchi
Marco Zocchi

Research Interest:

Cancer Metabolism and Cancer Microenvironment