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The Double Helix curriculum integrates the basic science and clinical medicine strands of medical education, weaving them throughout the four-year curriculum. Each element of the curriculum strengthens Rochester's biopsychosocial tradition by fostering knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors of the physician/scientist/humanist by combining cutting-edge, evidence-based natural and social sciences with the relationship-centered skills that are Rochester's distinctive trademark.

With interdisciplinary courses that combine various areas of basic science and demonstrating their clinical application, our program is designed to train life-long learners of medicine. Our curriculum places special emphasis on skills in knowledge acquisition and use. Required and elective clinical experiences offer students rural, urban, community and tertiary care patient care experiences. The goal of our medical school is to educate and train physicians who will excel in the career of their choice.

In addition to the basic curriculum we have elective pathways that augment our Double Helix curriculum.

Overall Educational Objectives and Offerings

The University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry has well-defined educational objectives for the M.D. program that are formally reviewed every five years. The objectives of each course and clerkship are linked to these overall objectives to ensure they are met by all students.

Curriculum Map

Biopsychosocial Tradition

View the Biopsychosocial Tradition.