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Deep Foundation Work Begins

Micropile installation will be complete this week. Deep foundation, pile cap and grade beam installation will start following the completion of the micropile installation and will continue for approximately 10 weeks.

Excavation and grading work will happen at the same time as the deep foundation installations.

Construction of the ramped section of the South Access Drive to connect to Mt. Vernon is anticipated to start in late July, early August.  Fill material will be placed in “lifts” and compacted until the final grade height is reached.

South Building roofing work is almost complete. This work requires cranes for rigging materials and equipment to the roof.  These are staged along Mt Vernon and necessitate temporary road and sidewalk closures along Mt. Vernon in front of the South Building, including the parking spaces in front of Oncology on Mt. Vernon. The odor of melting tar can be expected from these activities.

Typical levels of construction noise and vibrations are expected with all of these activities. For the micropile and deep foundation work, any possible vibrations will be monitored by a third party testing agency.

Global Administrator | 6/10/2021

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