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Grand rounds conferenceAIR/Derm Conference

This quarterly conference addresses topics of interest to rheumatologist, allergists/immunologists and dermatologists with topics ranging from the basic science of the skin and joints to clinical topics. It begins with a history and focused examination of a patient with a challenging dermatologic, rheumatologic or immunologic disorder. The patient encounter is followed by a presentation by the visiting professor. The case is then discussed from the perspective of diagnosis and management. Finally, trainees meet with the visiting professor over lunch. The invited speaker then meets with faculty as time permits.

AIR Weekly Conferences

Weekly conferences enhance the educational experiences of all our trainees as well as the rotating medical students and residents. Topics, as well as the format used to convey the information being presented, vary and cover both the clinical and basic science aspects of Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology. The expertise of physician-scientists and clinicians from both within the medical center and from universities throughout the county are drawn up in State-of-the-Art lectures, journal clubs and clinical and research presentations.

Center for Musculoskeletal Research Seminars

The Center for Musculoskeletal Research holds regular seminars and hosts a visiting speakers series which is open to the faculty and trainees of the Division. These conferences afford Division personnel further opportunities to share ideas and interact with scientists from both within the University and from other institutions.

William F. Neuman Visiting Scientists Speaker Series
Center for Musculoskeletal Research Weekly Seminar
7th Annual CMSR Symposium