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Diagnostic Imaging

For a Clearer Picture of Health

The first step toward any solution is thoroughly understanding the problem. This is especially true in healthcare. Noyes Diagnostic Imaging combines advanced technology with the unsurpassed expertise of our staff to diagnose and understand your condition rapidly and accurately-because the sooner that's accomplished, the sooner your treatment can begin. And, the sooner you can get well.

When you visit us for testing, our diverse team of technologists will explain your procedure in detail. We understand you may be anxious about the procedure itself or its findings-and will make sure you're at ease before beginning the exam. For example, your technologist may explain how some procedures require you to drink a contrast liquid prior to the exam. This aids in the visualization of the internal organs.

Depending on your situation and symptoms, your doctor may have ordered any of a wide variety of tests we perform here. These can include:

  • General X-ray procedures, such as chest x-rays to examine lungs, or arm, leg and spine exams for fractures, osteoporosis, or arthritis.
  • Specialized X-ray procedures, such as Barium Enemas for colon testing, upper GI series, and Esophagrams for acid reflux are offered with a Fluoroscope (x-ray) machine.
  • A CT Scan, often called CAT scan, is a painless test that gives the doctor a clear view of tissue and bone structures that can't be seen clearly with regular x-rays.
  • Nuclear Medicine testing is a safe and effective technique performed using an advanced camera to follow a “tracer.” Scans to test bone health are also performed using Nuclear Medicine. Other procedures include lung scans, gallbladder scans, and tests to measure the health of your arteries and heart.
  • Ultrasound testing at Noyes is certified by the American Institute for Ultrasound Medicine, and recognized for its level of quality. A painless procedure, ultrasound produces a two-dimensional, real-time image using sound waves. An ultrasound instrument is moved gently across the patient's skin. The procedure does not use any needles or tubes. Our ultrasound machine is highly advanced and produces images that enhance diagnosis and help speed you on to treatment.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), uses a scanner to create a magnetic field. The field is harmless, and it causes the hydrogen atoms throughout your body to behave like little magnets. Diagnostic images are created when “resonance” is produced through a combination of the magnetic field and special radio wavelengths. The images are crucial in diagnosing your condition so it can be treated effectively.
  • Bone Densitometry testing is also a painless and quick procedure used to measure bone density loss or growth. The results are accurate, meaningful and invaluable in treatment.
  • Mammography exams are recommended annually by The American Cancer Society for women over the age of 40, to screen for early detection of breast diseases. All of our technologists are sensitive to women's needs and will make this procedure as comfortable as possible for you. However, most patients experience some minor discomfort during the procedure. This is completely normal and temporary. A highly trained and licensed Radiologist will interpret your mammograms and the findings will be forwarded to your physician within 24-48 hours.
  • Obstetrical Ultrasound determines the age and position of a fetus in the womb. It gives you a picture even before your baby is born! We do all we can to make this test comfortable and special for you. For simplicity's sake, we ask that expectant mothers initially enter the exam room alone. Once the technician has located and examined the fetus, you are welcome to invite appropriate family members in to view the image with you.

Before Your Exam

Whichever diagnostic tests your doctor recommends, he or she will schedule your exam in advance and provide you with an exam requisition. Please follow any required pre-exam instructions-to ensure prompt service and to avoid having your procedure rescheduled. To help us serve you best, please bring any necessary paperwork to your examination.