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Clinical Laboratory Services

About Us

UR Medicine Labs is a full-service, not-for-profit laboratory that serves customers from across the United States and beyond. Part of the University of Rochester Medical Center, we are: 

  • The largest medical lab in our region, with over 900 pathology and laboratory professionals who perform over 7.8 million patient tests each year. 
  • Directed by certified pathologists and clinical scientists who are nationally and internationally recognized in their fields.
  • Staffed 24/7 by laboratory professionals and customer service representatives. We perform patient testing around-the-clock as specimens arrive.
  • Able to offer exceptional depth of clinical testing, as evidenced by our extensive UR Medicine Labs test menu and clinical specialties. 

Clinical Laboratories

Anatomic Pathology Subspecialty Labs

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Contact Us

Call Strong Memorial Hospital Labs 24 Hour Information line at (585) 758-0510, Highland Hospital Laboratories: (585) 341-6743 or send us an email.