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siRNA Screening

Whole-genome siRNA screening: We currently offer screening of the human genome using the Thermo Fisher The Silencer® Select Human Genome siRNA Library V4 (Catalog # 4397926).  The library targets 21,584 genes with three unique siRNAs per gene, which can be screened as individual or pooled siRNAs.

Custom siRNA sets: We can also work with investigators to design, order and screen custom designed sets of siRNAs against specific genes of interest.

Chemical Screening

We have the capabilities to screen (full screen or targeted screen) or reformat compound libraries. We can screen from both investigator-provided and in-house libraries.

Instrument Use

The Pathways Discovery Resource (PDR) will make some of their instrumentation available to the University community after PDR led training. These instruments include the Envision Plate Reader, the Celigo S Image Cytometer, and the reagent dispensers – the Perkin Elmer Flexdrop and the Thermo Fisher Multidrop.