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Success with New Year's Resolutions

Keep New Year’s resolutions with these proven steps:

  1. Break your goal into many very achievable steps.
  2. Create accountability by telling those you admire and look up to what you will accomplish.
  3. Remind yourself daily of the benefits of achieving the goal. Use a reminder system so you don’t forget
  4. Give yourself a small reward for every step achieved.
  5. Track daily progress in a visual form—spreadsheet, refrigerator calendar, etc.—another reminder so you do not forget to do it.
  6. Expect setbacks along the way. Don’t get angry about them—get even!

For UR Employees

The YOURhealth employee wellness program offers lifestyle management programs for eligible individuals enrolled in a University or University-sponsored health care plan. From losing weight to reducing stress, the YOURhealth employee wellness team is ready to help you accomplish your goals this year. For more information, visit

Global Administrator | 1/6/2016

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