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Facing Loss During the Holiday Season

Grief often intensifies during the holiday season and new year, and the dread that comes with anticipating the struggle can create strain. Those who have faced grief offer some tips. Acknowledge that this time of year is different and hard. Ironically, this self-awareness makes practicing other tips easier. Avoid “thought blocking,” stuffing feelings, and isolation. Make a few choices about traditions. Keep ones that are meaningful, modify others, eliminate some, and start new ones. Again, it’s okay. What works for you is what works for you. Where will you physically be during the holidays? Trust your gut. If it feels easier to manage grief in a new environment, consider this choice. Don’t apologize for how you grieve or for acting on what feels right to you. Engaging with others, especially loved ones, along with the positive distraction socializing generates, is a healthy coping strategy. So, reach out for support, consciously nurture yourself, don’t resist participating in an activity that brings you joy, and let others know what your needs are at this time. If you are not experiencing grief, do you know someone who is? Reaching out to offer companionship and support is the most priceless form of caring. Explore more here.


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