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Find Work and Family Balance with Shared Activities

If you struggle to find balance between work and family, try “shared activity” as a strategy to help you feel less guilty and score some wins. While working in your office at home or doing chores (with the few precious hours you possess on the weekend), consider engaging your child in a way that combines the activity with one he or she can also do that allows them to be present with you. It’s a myth that your child watching you work is a “negative” or that “finding balance” means it must always be play. Witnessing your work ethic can be powerfully influential. Many parents with demanding work schedules have mastered the art of exposing their children to their work by creatively allowing them to be close observers or even participate in some manner. Work and family balance is about testing and experimentation. Find fascinating strategies at by logging in free and searching “work family balance.” [search "work family balance"] [search "work family balance"]


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