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Zachary Boodoo
Zachary Boodoo
Second Year
Sebastian Bosch
Sebastian Bosch

Research Interest:

Understanding the Interaction of HIV With Human Microglial Cells, and its Relevance to HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND)

Emily Britt
Emily Britt
Second Year
Tina Bui
Tina Bui

Research Interest:
Chronic inflammation in obesity/type 2 diabetes exacerbate S. aureus osteomyelitis. By examining gut microbiota-associated mechanism(s) which can restore immune homeostasis in obese/type 2 diabetics, we can identify potential therapeutics and prognosis markers to improve infection outcomes.
Amelia Clark
Amelia Clark, M.S.

Research Interest:

Modulation of the cell-autonomous molecular clock by metabolic stress, and its role in the anti-tumor immune response. 

Megan Dunagan
Megan Dunagan, M.S.
No Affiliation

Research Interest:
Mechanism of host shutoff induced by influenza virus
Abdul Embong
Abdul Embong
No Affiliation

Research Interest:
Analysis of Human Memory B Cell Expansion After Influenza Vaccination: Assessing The Vaccine Efficacy of Licensed Flu Vaccines in the United States and the Influence of Original Antigenic Sin in Mounting Humoral Immunological Response
Kala Harbaugh
Kala Harbaugh
Forth Year
Kala Hardy
Kala Hardy

Research Interest:

Shutoff activity of coronavirus

Alicia Healey
Alicia Healey

Research Interest:
Investigating how AHR activation modulates neutrophil recruitment to the lung during viral infection
Phoebe Lee Henry
Phoebe Lee Henry
No Affiliation

Cassandra Houser
Cassandra Houser, M.S.

Research Interest:
Exposure to environmental factors that bind the AHR regulates the differentiation and function of T follicular helper cells: a CD4+ T cell subset that is essential for the antibody response.
Noah Kelner
Noah Kelner
Second Year
Justin Leach
Justin Leach

Research Interest:

Elucidating the Molecular Basis of the Temperature Sensitivity of the Live-Attenuated Influenza Virus (LAIV) and Using that Knowledge to Create a Safer and More Effective Influenza Vaccine

Michael Lutz
Michael Lutz

Research Interest:
Host adaptation of influenza virus
Ferralita Madere
Ferralita Madere

Research Interest:

Elucidating Complex Interactions Between Viral and Bacterial Components of the Female Reproductive Tract Microbiome in AIDS-Associated Immunosuppression and Bacterial Vaginosis

Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin

Research Interest:
The effect of IFN-gamma on monocyte’s ability to eliminate Toxoplasma
Briaunna Minor
Briaunna Minor, BS

Research Interest:

Tumor Immunology; Estrogen signaling in immune cell infiltrate of a mouse model for Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM).

Mary Moran
Mary Moran

Research Interest:
Role of S. aureus virulence factors in promoting epidermal viral infectivity: Relevance for atopic dermatitis
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy
No Affiliation

Charkira Patrick
Charkira Patrick
Second Year
Catherine Pizzarello
Catherine Pizzarello, BS

Research Interest:

The role of human milk oligosaccharides in the regulation of intestinal epithelial cell cytokine expression

Carlos Reyes-Sepulveda
Carlos Reyes-Sepulveda
Second Year
Allison Ryan
Allison Ryan
Noah Salama
Noah Salama, BS

Research Interest:

To characterize long-term, post resolution polarized resident macrophage cell types and ascertain their phenotypic role in maintaining the tissue polarized state

Jordana Schmierer
Jordana Schmierer

Research Interest:

Role of influenza PA on host adaptation

Michael Sportiello
Michael Sportiello, BS

Research Interest:

Resident memory T cells, influenza immune response, influenza vaccine development, applied bioinformatic methods

Ian Stone
Ian Stone
Third Year
Karli Sutton
Karli Sutton
Second Year
Katharine Tomberlin
Katharine Tomberlin

Research Interest:
Identifying the minimal genetic elements carried within the V. cholerae T3SS island that are required for colonization.
Taylor Uccello
Taylor Uccello
No Affiliation

Megan Ulbrich
Megan Ulbrich

Research Interest:
Using multidisciplinary approaches to uncover novel effector protein (VopX) functions.
Chantelle White
Chantelle White

Research Interest:
Investigating the influence of intrinsic and extrinsic viral factors on the development of CD4 T cell mediated immune responses to infection