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Primary Faculty

Deborah Cory-Slechta
Research Interest: Defining the impact of environmental chemicals (e.g., metals and air pollution) on brain development and behavior, with emphasis on attributable risk to neurodevelopmental disorders.
Alison Elder
Research Interest: Toxicology of inhaled ultrafine particles (UFPs) on the lung, cardiovascular and central nervous system
Katrina Korfmacher
Research Interest: Community outreach and engagement, role of science in public decision-making
B. Paige Lawrence
Research Interest: Influence of environmental factors on the development and function of the immune system
Dina Markowitz
Research Interest: Developing and coordinating a wide variety of science education and outreach programs for students (elementary through high school), teachers, and the general community.
Hae-Ryung Park
Research Interest:

Identify new targets susceptible to environmental perturbation in relevance with neurodevelopment or neurodegenerative diseases by utilizing functional genetics/genomics (RNAi and CRISPR screens and Next-Generation sequencing), and molecular benchwork. Discover the link between genetic polymorphism of the targets and neurological diseases. Explore novel roles of extracellular vesicles (EV) in receptor signaling and cell communication. Identify EV-encapsulated biomolecules released by the placenta in response to environmental perturbation. Explore the roles of placenta-derived EVs on neurodevelopment or neurodegeneration

Irfan Rahman
Research Interest: Redox signaling mechanism of Proinflammatory gene expression in pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory lung diseases caused by environmental toxicants.
Matthew Rand
Research Interest: Mechanisms of toxicity of the environmental contaminant and neurotoxicant methylmercury (MeHg), defining MeHg effects on early life development of neural and muscular systems at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels using invertebrate and mammalian models, and detailed characterization of MeHg metabolism and elimination kinetics in humans.
Marissa Sobolewski-Terry
Research Interest:

Neurotoxicology, Etiology of neurobehavioral disease, Endocrine dysfunction, Synergistic Toxicity.

Martha Susiarjo
Research Interest: Studying epigenetic mechanisms underlying environment-induced adverse pregnancy and developmental outcomes, including how endocrine-disrupting chemicals change maternal health, mammalian reproduction, and the expression and function of imprinted genes.
Jacqueline Williams
Research Interest: Discovering the effects of high (therapeutic) and low (environmentally-relevant) doses of radiation and their interactions with other toxic elements, such as commonly encountered infections, and better understanding differential effects of radiation in adults versus children.

Secondary Faculty

Jacob Finkelstein
Research Interest: Delineating the role of alveolar epithelium in modulating the pulmonary injury response to physiological and toxicological stimuli, including oxidant induced signaling in the pulmonary epithelium and macrophages, and epithelial production of mediators that regulate inflammatory functions of macrophages.
Mark Frampton
Research Interest: Effects of particle exposure on lung function, airway inflammation, and cardiovascular function.
Steve Georas
Research Interest:

Defining molecular mechanisms for respiratory-virus induced epithelial barrier dysfunction; exploring the use of oscillometry in the diagnosis and management of airways disorders; and determining how race neutral PFT interpretation strategies impact the utility of spirometry

Todd Jusko
Research Interest: Environmental and Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology: Defining the impact of environmental chemicals on immunity and immune-mediated diseases and as a mechanism for susceptibility to other disease outcomes, such as neurobehavioral disorders.
Thomas Mariani
Research Interest:

Genetic mechanisms of susceptibility to congenital and infectious lung diseases, focusing on developmental antecedents and the influence of environmental factors.

Richard Miller
Research Interest: Determining the impact of maternal stress and other maternal factors on the birth outcomes and in the children.
Gary Myers
Research Interest: Environmental toxins, specifically mercury; methyl mercury exposure
Michael O'Reilly
Research Interest: Understanding how an aberrant oxygen environment at birth disrupts development of the lung and heart, leading to persistent functional changes over the lifespan.
Gloria Pryhuber
Research Interest: Delineating multifactorial causes of respiratory morbidity in infants and young children, including environmental exposures on lung development, microbial infection and dysbiosis, and pulmonary immune responses; levering unique human lung and immune cell repositories that support the in vitro study of mechanisms of toxicity of environmental agents.
J. Edward Puzas
Research Interest: Molecular signals that govern osteoporosis and arthritis
David Rich
Research Interest: Environmental, Cardiovascular, and Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology: Examining associations between air pollution and cardiopulmonary and pregnancy outcomes, examining mechanisms of such cardiopulmonary and pregnancy responses, and developing spatial-temporal models of air pollution to enable field studies of these biomarkers and clinical outcomes associated with residential air pollution exposure.
Jacques Robert
Research Interest: Experimental platform using the amphibian Xenopus for research in immunotoxicology, fundamental and medical immunology
Sally Thurston
Research Interest: Bayesian inference, modeling multiple outcomes, correction for measurement error bias, informative prior specification, latent variable models, and environmental health applications.
Collynn Woeller
Research Interest: Understanding the key molecular and cellular pathways involved in eye disease, with a particular focus on Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)
Edwin van Wijngaarden
Research Interest: Environmental and Neurologic Epidemiology: Defining influences of environmental exposures, in particular toxic metals, on cognitive outcomes in children and adults.

Emeritus Faculty

Thomas Clarkson
Research Interest:

Understanding the toxicities, mechanisms of action, and dose-response relationship for methyl mercury and other heavy metals.

Günter Oberdörster
Research Interest: Biokinetics, Effects and Mechanisms of Inhaled Micro- and Nano- Particles: Dosimetry, Risk Extrapolation and Risk Assessment