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Quality of Care

Geriatric Fracture Center at Highland Hospital photo

A quality measure is a formula that converts medical information from patient records into a rate or percentage that shows how well a hospital cares for its patients. Many of the indicators we use at Highland Hospital incorporate existing quality measures that have been established and accepted by national or professional organizations and government agencies. 

We're Proud of Our Quality Ratings

  • Over 200 fracture treatment procedures are performed annually
  • All of our orthopaedic surgeons are board certified
  • Average time from admission to surgery is under 24 hours
  • Patients are mobilized on day one after surgery
  • Methods for reducing surgical site infections:
    • Normothermia
    • Glucose control for diabetics
    • Antibiotic administration to 100 percent of patients for 24 hours post surgery
    • Strict adherence to aseptic technique in surgery

Specialized Surgical Procedures