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Lianping XingLianping Xing, Med., Ph.D.
Research interest: The regulation of bone cell function in inflammatory bone loss using combinations of genetically modified animals, in vivo imaging technologies, histology and in vitro cellular and molecular approaches

Brendan BoyceBrendan Boyce, M.B.Ch.B.
Research Interest: The role of NF-kappaB signaling in the regulation of osteoclasts, the formation of osteoblasts, the mediation of increased bone resorption and decreased bone formation that characterize a number of bone diseases

Alayna LoiselleAlayna Loiselle, Ph.D.
Research Interest: The identification of novel strategies, including a novel murine model of flexor tendon healing developed her lab, to improve flexor tendon healing by limiting the formations of adhesions without compromising mechanical strength

Lisa DeLouiseLisa Delouise, Ph.D., M.P.D.
Research interest: The elucidation of the mechanisms by which nano and microscale particles can alter skin immune responses in the context of skin allergy with a specific focus on the effect of nanoparticles on exosome biogenesis and their cargo and on collagen fiber orientation

Andrew McDavidAndrew McDavid, Ph.D.
Research interest: Studying the methods and applications of single cell gene expression assays the development of statistical methods that accommodate the bimodality of single cell data