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2014 Publications

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2014, Dec
Peng X, Alföldi J, Gori K, Eisfeld AJ, Tyler SR, Tisoncik-Go J, Brawand D, Law GL, Skunca N, Hatta M, Gasper DJ, Kelly SM, Chang J, Thomas MJ, Johnson J, Berlin AM, Lara M, Russell P, Swofford R, Turner-Maier J, Young S, Hourlier T, Aken B, Searle S, Sun X, Yi Y, Suresh M, Tumpey TM, Siepel A, Wisely SM, Dessimoz C, Kawaoka Y, Birren BW, Lindblad-Toh K, Di Palma F, Engelhardt JF, Palermo RE, Katze MG
The draft genome sequence of the ferret (Mustela putorius furo) facilitates study of human respiratory disease. PMID: 25402615

2014, Dec
Richards KA, Nayak J, Chaves FA, DiPiazza A, Knowlden ZA, Alam S, Treanor JJ, Sant AJ
Season influenza can poise hosts for CD4 T-cell immunity to H7N9 avian influenza.
PMID: 25492919

2014, Dec
Ramon S, Baker SF, Sahler JM, Kim N, Feldsott EA, Serhan CN, et al.
The specialized proresolving mediator 17-HDHA enhances the antibody-mediated immune response against influenza virus: a new class of adjuvant?  
PMID : 25392529

2014, Dec
DeVito SR, Ortiz-Riano E, Martinez-Sobrido L, Munger J
Cytomegalovirus-mediated activation of pyrimidine biosynthesis drives UDP-sugar synthesis to support viral protein glycosylation.
PMID : 25472841

2014, Nov
Linderman SL, Chambers BS, Zost SJ, Parkhouse K, Li Y, Herrmann C, Ellebedy AH, Carter DM, Andrews SF, Zheng NY, Huang M, Huang Y, Strauss D, Shaz BH, Hodinka RL, Reyes-Terán G, Ross TM, Wilson PC, Ahmed R, Bloom JD, Hensley SE
Potential antigenic explanation for atypical H1N1 infections among middle-aged adults during the 2013-2014 influenza season.
PMID: 25331901

2014, Oct
Guo H, Baker SF, Martinez-Sobrido L, Topham DJ
Induction of CD8 T cell heterologous protection by a single dose of single-cycle infectious influenza virus.
PMID : 25100831

2014, Oct
Costello DA, Whittaker GR, Daniel S
Variations in pH sensitivity, acid stability, and fusogenicity of three influenza virus H3 subtypes.
PMID: 25320308

2014, Oct
Linel P, Wu S, Deng N, Wu H
Dynamic transcriptional signatures and network responses for clinical symptoms in influenza-infected human subjects using systems biology approaches. 
PMID : 25015847

2014, Sept
Baker SF, Nogales A, Finch C, Tuffy KM, Domm W, Perez DR, et al.
Influenza A and B virus intertypic reassortment through compatible viral packaging signals. 
PMID : 25008914

2014, Sept
Nogales A, Baker SF, Ortiz-Riano E, Dewhurst S, Topham DJ, Martinez-Sobrido L
Influenza A virus attenuation by codon deoptimization of the NS gene for vaccine development. 
PMID : 24965472

2014, Sept
Morrison J, Josset L, Tchitchek N, Chang J, Belser JA, Swayne DE, Pantin-Jackwood MJ, Tumpey TM, Katze MG
H7N9 and other pathogenic avian influenza viruses elicit a three-pronged transcriptomic signature that is reminiscent of 1918 influenza and associated with lethal outcome in mice.
PMID : 24991006
2014, Aug
de Wit E, Rasmussen AL, Feldmann F, Bushmaker T, Martellaro C, Haddock E, Okumura A, Proll SC, Chang J, Gardner D, Katze MG, Munster VJ, Feldmann H
Influenza virus A/Anhui/1/2013 (H7N9) replicates efficiently in the upper and lower respiratory tract of cynomolgus macaques.
PMID : 25118237
2014, Jul
Hamilton BS, Chung C, Cyphers SY, Rinaldi VD, Marcano VC, Whittaker GR.
2014, May
Nayak JL, Richards KA, Yang H, Treanor JJ, Sant AJ

2014, Feb 4
Josset L, Zeng H, Kelly SM, Tumpey TM, Katze MG.
Transcriptomic Characterization of the Novel Avian-Origin Influenza A (H7N9) Virus: Specific Host Response and Responses Intermediate between Avian (H5N1 and H7N7) and Human (H3N2) Viruses and Implications for Treatment Options.
PMID : 24496798