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Adult Congenital Cardiology

What is Adult Congenital Heart Disease?

Many people are born with defects in their hearts. Through advanced surgeries and medical care available at places like Golisano Children’s Hospital, more and more people who are born with heart defects go on to live long and healthy lives. However, adults considering pregnancy with congenital heart disease require special care. At UR Medicine Maternal-Fetal Care, we partner with UR Medicine Adult Congenital Cardiology and UR Medicine Pediatric Cardiology to provide this care.

Why is Special Care Important During Pregnancy?

Pregnant people with adult congenital heart disease need special monitoring and care. They are treated by a team of specialists across three fields of medicine to help reduce the risks of heart disease and provide families with the support and treatment they need during the extraordinary, but often difficult, months of pregnancy.

How Does it Work?

For the adult congenital patients, the team sees patients together in the same office at Red Creek allowing them to work directly with women and their families. The teams work together to assure women and their families have a comprehensive understanding of the approach and plan of care.