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Adult Cardiology

What is Adult Heart Disease?

Many people are born with normal hearts but develop complications as they grow and age. Some of more common issues that occur are heart rhythm abnormalities, cardiomyopathies (weak heart muscle), and valve disease (narrow - stenosis or leaky - insufficiency). Through advanced medical care, most people with these issues go on to live long and healthy lives.

Collaboration to Provide the Best Care for Women

UR Medicine's Women's Heart Program Team Photo UR Medicine Women's Heart Program

If you have a heart condition and are pregnant, you may need additional care and monitoring to have the best outcomes. UR Medicine Maternal-Fetal Care partners with UR Medicine’s Women’s Heart Program to provide this care. We work together to care for women with heart disease who are pregnant or those who are planning or considering a pregnancy to assure that they enter pregnancy as healthy as possible with medications and care optimized.

How Does it Work?

The teams see patients on the same day in offices across the parking lot from each other. Both teams work together with women and their families to assure they have a comprehensive understanding of the approach and plan of care.