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Pediatrics / Research / Pediatric Clinical Research Office / Pediatric Clinical Research Working Group

Pediatric Clinical Research Working Group

This as needed seminar provides a dynamic forum for investigative staff to:

  • Discuss ongoing or developing research projects in an open forum
  • Receive feedback from other investigators about their research design, sample size, statistical analysis of data, enrollment techniques, consent/assent process, and methodology

Individual learning objects are for investigative staff to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the methods, design, statistical issues, and enrollment concerns related to pediatric, patient-oriented research (and with regard to the specific project presented each month)
  • Critically evaluate specific aims and hypothesis for research studies, and to identify how specific aims/hypotheses guide subsequent research design
  • Engage in more critical thinking overall regarding the research development process, from initial research grant development to the stage of interpreting results, and presenting results in a public forum (e.g. publications, presentations at national meetings)

Upcoming Pediatric Clinical Research Work Group Topics can be found on The Master Education Schedule.