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Post Clinical Trials

How to Post Studies and Clinical Trials

Investigators are encouraged to post their studies on the URMC Clinical Trials Website. All clinical trials on this site are in a searchable database.

Before You Start

  • Have the Institutional Review Board (IRB) information for your study handy, including the approval number, also referred to as the “IRB Clinical Study Number." The system accepts both Research Subjects Review Board (RSRB) and Western Institutional Review Board® (WIRB) approved studies.
  • Prior to entering any data yourself, contact your administrator to see if a central staff member is responsible for listing research in your department. This will avoid duplication. Although individual research teams can add their current study trials, it is the policy of some groups and departments to have the designated staff member enter all trials and data into the system.

Directions for Adding and Editing Study Information

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on “Add Study"
  3. Click “Add a Clinical Trial” or “Edit a Clinical Trial”
  4. Follow Prompts

Note: The “Help With Clinical Trials” link has information about completing specific fields on the submission form.

View Your Trial

Your trial will appear on the Clinical Trials Website and a can be accessed at:


  • Use plain language in your study “Title.”
  • Use plain language in your study “Purpose” statement. The purpose must be entered verbatim from the IRB approved consent form.
  • The "Start-" and "End Trial Listing Date" can be the entire duration of the study, and are not necessarily the IRB approved yearly dates.
  • Periodically update your trials and studies.


Research Support

The Pediatric Clinical Research Office (PCRO) is available if you require assistance posting your study.
Contact: Nicholas Ferraio, Director Operations & Regulatory Affairs, PCRO, (585) 273-1735.

Technical Support

URMC Web Services can help if you encounter a problem or have a concern with the Clinical Trials Website.
Contact: Stephen Brewster, Project Director of Application Development in URMC Web Services, (585) 276-9933.