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Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship

Our APA accredited postdoctoral fellowship program provides psychologists with advanced practice competence in one of two clinical tracks:

The fellowship year is an opportunity to build and foster each fellow’s independent, professional identity. Fellows achieve track-specific expertise through a variety of clinical and didactic experiences, and also benefit from shared, interdisciplinary learning activities. The strong mentorship that we provide includes ample supervised clinical experience, and frequent individual and group meetings to discuss career development and the job market. Over many years, we have developed and refined a program that is both rigorous and flexible. We are proud of its comprehensive and interdisciplinary nature, the supportive clinical supervision and sustained academic mentorship provided by our outstanding faculty. In addition, Rochester is a diverse, warm and welcoming city.

Fellows' benefits include tuition benefits as part of the compensation package. These may be used to meet course requirements in specific tracks (click for details). In addition, all fellows receive up to $500 to support presentations at professional meetings as well as five (5) days for professional development. 

Our fellowship start date is August 1st. As you explore this site in greater detail, please feel free to contact us with any questions that arise.

21-22 Fellows
2021-2022 Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellows


Take A Tour with Postdoctoral Fellow
Rebecca Copek, PhD

For more details on our admission requirements and program, view this document:  

Postdoctoral Residency Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data

Multicultural Training and Commitment to Diversity


Standards of Accreditation and Competencies

Because science is at the core of health service psychology, the fellowship addresses each of the competencies for the Standards of Accreditation for advanced training including Level 1 (integration of science and practice, individual and cultural diversity, and ethical and legal standards) and Level 2 (program-specific competencies).

Level 2 competencies emphasize the following competencies according to fellow's specific track and learning plan: research; ethical and legal standards; individual and cultural diversity; professional values, attitudes, and behaviors; communication and interpersonal skills; assessment; intervention; supervision; and consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplinary skills. 

Ongoing Guidance, Evaluation and Mentorship


Wendi Cross
Wendi Cross, PhD

Psychology Training Director
Postdoctoral Fellowship Director

Linda Alpert-Gillis
Linda Alpert-Gillis, PhD

Child and Adolescent Track Director

Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan
Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan, PhD

Associate Director, Integrated Care Family Track

Susan McDaniel
Susan McDaniel, PhD

Director, Integrated Care Family Track


Linda BrownContact Information

Linda Brown, Psychology Training Coordinator
University of Rochester Medical Center
300 Crittenden Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14642-8409
Phone: (585) 275-3563   Fax: (585) 276-2292