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Our Fellows

2023 - 2024 Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Class


Julia Augenstern, Ph.D.
Integrated Care Family Track (Pediatric)
University of Virginia

I was thrilled to join the URMC Integrated Care Family Track in Pediatrics. This fellowship offers an unparalleled unification of my passions for serving children and families in accessible settings, systems thinking at the family, community, and healthcare levels, and contribution to medical education that promotes a compassionate, whole-person, and biopsychosocial approach. I could not have designed a better training program to support my development as a pediatric psychologist prepared to serve in multiple clinical, supervisory, advocacy, and leadership roles within an integrated healthcare setting. Fellows in this track also have the opportunity to engage in rich continuing education around medical family therapy while applying these skills in multiple interdisciplinary settings. Didactics and courses here have truly felt applicable to my everyday practice and professional development goals, allowing for lots of translational and hands-on learning. I am happy to connect with any prospective applicants to talk more about this fellowship!


Kimberly Parkhurst, Ph.D.
Integrated Care Family Track (Primary Care - Internal Medicine)
University of Utah

I was excited to return to URMC as a post-doctoral fellow in the Integrated Care Family Track, with a focus in primary care psychology. I received excellent training during my internship year at URMC, and I chose to pursue a fellowship here due to its multitude of opportunities to train in domains relevant to working in integrated healthcare settings. I was especially attracted to the opportunities to develop skills in medical family therapy and medical resident education, and to enhance my clinical and professional skills working within an integrated primary care setting. I am confident that this fellowship program will prepare me to succeed as a psychologist in integrated healthcare settings.   


Jeremy Ramos, Ph.D
Integrated Care Family Track (Family Medicine / Geriatrics)
Syracuse University

The Integrated Care Family Track (Family Medicine / Geriatrics) Fellowship offers a strong backing in interdisciplinary communication, clinical care, and collaboration as a psychologist within different healthcare settings. I was particularly drawn to the opportunities to provide integrated primary care in an urban family medicine clinic and explore the ways physicians and medical students share information and interact with patients through the communication coaching program. This fellowship encourages development and utilization of biopsychosocial approaches to patient care and systems level thinking through both didactic and clinical experiences. The medical family therapy post-degree certificate program supports this growth while offering important exposure to how therapists from other disciplines think about interventions and case conceptualization. I am confident the ICF fellowship will prepare me for a career as an educator, clinician, researcher, and psychologist working within and across integrated healthcare systems.

Samantha Stanford

Samantha Stanford, Ph.D.
Child & Adolescent Track
University at Buffalo, SUNY

I am thrilled to be completing my postdoctoral fellowship in the Child and Adolescent Track, Outpatient Focus. This fellowship program offers the flexibility to continue to hone my skills in providing treatment to autistic children and their families while providing me experiences to expand my competencies with other populations. In addition to being able to tailor my clinical work to meet my individual training goals, this fellowship provides me with the opportunity to engage in research and advocacy work. I am confident that this fellowship will prepare me to succeed in a professional career serving children and families.

Taylor Steeves

Taylor Steeves, Ph.D.
Child & Adolescent Track (Acute Care)
Duquesne University

I am thrilled to be a psychology postdoctoral fellow in the URMC Child and Adolescent Acute Care Track. This fellowship program offers diversified training experiences that will allow me to enhance my skills as a clinical psychologist in an inpatient setting. I chose this program because I was able to tailor my fellowship experience to match my clinical goals, as well as research and career interests. In addition to working in the pediatric psychiatric inpatient unit, I have been provided the opportunity to be a fellow on the psychiatric consultation liaison team to work with medically ill children who have a variety of psychological needs. The URMC fellowship program has given me the confidence, experiences, and supervision needed to have a successful career as a clinical psychologist working in an academic medical center.

Colette Stenz

Colette Stenz, Psy.D.
Child & Adolescent Track
Midwestern University - Glendale

I am thrilled to return to URMC as a postdoctoral fellow in the Child and Adolescent Track, Outpatient focus. I received excellent training during my internship year at URMC, and I chose to pursue fellowship here due to the various opportunities to train in settings related to pediatric psychology. The fellowship provides opportunities to develop expertise in working with children with diverse medical concerns, integrating into multiple pediatric subspecialty clinics, providing supervision, and engaging in program development. I have no doubt this fellowship will prepare me for my professional work as a pediatric psychologist in an academic medical center.