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2021 - 2022 Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Class

21-22 Fellows

copekRebecca Copek, Ph.D.
Integrated Care Family Track (Pediatric)
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

This fellowship provides a unique opportunity to receive advanced training in medical family therapy and integrated care. I am particularly excited to work collaboratively with health care providers and schools, teach residents and medical students, and provide increased access to behavioral health services.


KeithJessica Keith, Ph.D.
Child & Adolescent Track
University of Rochester

I am thrilled to return to URMC as a post-doctoral fellow on the Child & Adolescent Track.  I received excellent training at Pediatric Behavioral Health & Wellness through externships in graduate school and am eager to extend and strengthen my experiences on fellowship.  While I have trained in general child and adolescent mental health, much of my graduate school clinical training was in the assessment and treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities. Returning to the Department of Psychiatry at URMC will allow me to further develop these skills, as well as broaden my abilities to evaluate and treat a wide range of children and families. I am especially excited to see patients with comorbid developmental and mental health concerns, supervise trainees in assessment, and continue my research within a clinical setting. I am confident that this next stage of my training will prepare me to thrive as a Psychologist in the Rochester community.


MonroeAbigail Monroe, Psy.D.
Child & Adolescent Track
Roberts Wesleyan College

I am so excited to be joining the URMC community this year! My specialties are in early intervention and prevention within the school systems, but I have always wanted to expand my clinical expertise in order to best serve young children and families, both within and outside of the schools. I am so excited by this fellowship's incredible opportunity to develop my clinical skills both in an outpatient and school setting!  I am thrilled that I am able to develop as a clinical and school psychologist through both the expanded school mental health and integrated pediatric primary care rotations.  I am confident that my year at the URMC will set me up to launch my career as a competent clinical and school psychologist.


MortonMelissa Morton, Ph.D.
Integrated Care Family Track (Pediatric)
Syracuse University

I am excited to join URMC for my fellowship in the Integrated Care Family Track with a concentration in pediatrics. This fellowship allows me to combine my clinical interest with pediatric populations and build additional competence in working with adults in several configurations such as individuals, couples, and families. The depth and breadth of experiences available in clinical experiences offered are significant. The customization of opportunities provided is a great training experience and I look forward to contributing and growing at URMC.


NyeKelly Nye, Ph.D.
Integrated Care Family Track (Functional Neurological Disorders)
West Virginia University - Morgantown

The functional neurology fellowship in the Integrated Care Family track is an impressive and unique opportunity to provide interdisciplinary care within an outpatient neurology/inpatient epilepsy setting that is deeply rooted to the biopsychosocial model and integrated care.  The unique opportunities I have received are aimed at expanding competencies in therapeutic modalities and assessment for functional neurological disorders. Overall, this fellowship makes it clear that impeccable supervision and family/systems training is a major priority.  I have no doubt that this fellowship and concentration will prepare me for a professional career working with a population that fits my interests.


Evans OnealAlexándrea Evans Oneal, Psy.D.
Integrated Care Family Track (Primary Care - Internal Medicine)
Alliant International University - San Francisco

What attracted me to choose URMC's primary care-internal medicine track was the opportunity it has provided me to work with a diverse clinical population through a Family Systems - Integrated Health lens.  The ability to work as a team, collaborate, learn, and consult with various medical disciplines to provide whole body care for the community is what I enjoy most about this track. The training and opportunities I have been provided have been invaluable to my professional development as I prepare for my career post fellowship.


StilesAllison Stiles, Ph.D.
Child & Adolescent Track
University of Denver

I was especially drawn to this fellowship’s exceptional opportunity to develop an individualized learning plan based on my clinical and research goals that included specialized training in multiple settings. In particular, I was excited to obtain advanced clinical and research experience in integrated behavioral health services through the expanded school mental health and integrated pediatric primary care rotations. I also greatly appreciate the constant, high-quality support and mentorship from supervisors and colleagues within the training program and broader URMC community.


SpenglerElliot Spengler, Ph.D.
Integrated Care Family Track (Family Medicine / Geriatrics)
University of Tennessee - Knoxville

This fellowship provides a great opportunity for what it truly means to be a psychologist in a broader health care system, specifically  how to be a part of an integrated team and teach psychosocial components and processes to medical students. To me, this site represents the frontier of psychology and health care.  I truly believe this fellowship will set me up for success in a variety of careers going forward.  Also, I should note that Rochester is a wonderfully eclectic city with lots of beautiful nature, tasty food, and fun festivals to offer!


WeldonHolly Weldon, Ph.D.
Integrated Care Family Track (Women's Health)
University of Vermont

I chose to pursue the Integrated Care Family Track postdoctoral fellowship with a focus in the area of Women's Health to expand my clinical skills into a new specialty area while simultaneously deepening my skills in the areas of health Psychology and Integrated Care more broadly.  I was especially attracted to the program at URMC because it allows me to shape my training experience to emphasize the areas that I will pursue in my career. For example, because I am interested in pursuing a career that includes supervision and training, I am especially interested in the opportunities to teach medical students and residents that is provided through the Physician Coaching Program.