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Cessation Referrals

Stop Smoking/Vaping Cessation Resources

  • FOR EVERYONE -  NYS Smokers' Quitline: Call 1-866-NYQUITS (1-866-697-8487) or visit for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy and one-on-one counseling.
  • FOR EVERYONE - (via Text): Learn2QuitNY: The NYS Quitline sponsors a free Smoking and Vape Support program via text. Just TEXT "QUITNOW" to 333888 to join.
  • FOR PARENTS - (via Text): To receive daily advice to help youth quit, text “QUIT” to 202-899-7550, or visit Truth Initiative Parental Resources
  • "DROPTHEVAPE" SUPPORT FOR TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS - (via Text): Vape Support for ages 13-24.  Just TEXT “DROPTHEVAPE” to 88709 to join This is Quitting, sponsored by the Truth Initiative. 
  • "VAPE ESCAPE" SUPPORT FOR TEENS (via Zoom) - Vape Escape virtual group program: FREE Online Zoom group program for teens 12-18 who would like to cut back or quit vaping offered by The URMC's Center for Community Health & Prevention (CCHP). "Vape Escape" group sessions provide an interactive and supportive environment where teens can talk openly about vaping with CCHP doctors and health behavior change experts, as well as with other youth with similar goals.
  • FOR ADULTS: (via Zoom) Commit to Quit! virtual group program: FREE Zoom group program for adults who would like to quit, led virtually by an expert team of certified tobacco counselors at the CCHP, is designed to help you find your path toward freedom from smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco.
  • FOR ADULTS: Smoking Cessation Program through Rochester Regional Hospital offers counseling and NRT for adults who wish to quit smoking/tobacco product use. Use web link above or call (585) 368-4657. Small fee may apply.
  • FOR ADULTS (ENGLISH AND SPANISH): Tobacco Cessation Program through URMC Wilmot Cancer Institute: FREE text-message and telephone-based cessation program with individual counseling and free NRT, available in English or Spanish, led by cessation experts.
  • FOR UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER EMPLOYEES AND SPOUSES: Well-U’s You Can Quit! program: Professional quit coaches can help staff quitting or gradually reducing smoking or vaping. Join your quit coach now.

Other Cessation Resources for Patients/Clients

For the best results, we recommend individuals use these resources in addition to the one-on-one counseling.