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Blood Resource

What is the mission of the Rochester Human Immunology Center’s Blood Resource?

The mission of the RHIC Blood Resource is to provide investigators collaborating with the RHIC access to human blood specimens through RSRB (IRB) approved protocols and in compliance with all IRB and HIPAA regulations. The RHIC develops, quality controls and trains University of Rochester investigators, staff and students in assay methods that facilitate clinical translational research.

Are there restrictions on who may collaborate with the RHIC and use the RHIC Blood Resource?

In general, the human blood specimens obtained through the RHIC are from healthy donors for use by investigators collaborating with the RHIC in developing and quality controlling immunological based assay methods and listed as co- or sub-investigators on the protocol used. An initial consultation with the RHIC Core Lab Director, Dr. Sally Quataert will confirm whether the RHIC and our Blood Resource may be able to assist you with access to specimens appropriate for your research needs. The assays performed with the blood obtained through the RHIC Blood Resource must fall within the scope of the IRB approved protocols we utilize. If your research needs are consistent with the type of collaborations RHIC supports but are outside the scope of the current protocols, Dr. Quataert will determine whether an amendment to the current protocols can be submitted for the type(s) of experiments planned.

What can the RHIC Blood Resource provide?

We recruit healthy human subjects who are willing to donate blood for the purpose of research. We include a comprehensive health survey with each donor’s initial visit as well as a follow-up survey at each subsequent visit. Any new health problems, medications, or other factors are identified that may affect the results of an experiment in order to ensure that we are collecting a representative of “immune healthy” subjects. Specimens are coded and all donor information is handled following HIPAA compliant procedures. Donation volumes may vary from 10 mL to 450 mL depending on the IRB protocol.

To verify results or test the robustness of a laboratory assay, repeat donations from one donor may be requested if the blood volumes do not exceed the amounts allowed over the time period of the requests.

How can I request help from the RHIC and the RHIC Blood Resource?

To get started, contact Dr. Sally Quataert, Director of the RHIC Core Lab either by e-mail or phone (273-2454) and schedule an initial consultation. If your request fits the scope of our Blood Resource, you will be requested to fill out and submit the Application for Use of the RHIC Blood Resource found in the forms section below to Dr. Quataert. She will contact you to arrange a meeting to review and complete your application.

Is there a cost for using the Blood Resource?

Our collaborators are asked to cover the cost for the nurse coordinator’s time recruiting volunteers, performing the comprehensive health survey or health update, phlebotomy, and phlebotomy supplies, etc. A non-profit fee schedule can be seen at the bottom of the page. The investigator is also responsible for providing the honorarium for the donor.

When paying the honorarium from a grant source, your grant must allow support for human participation costs.

How is blood requested?

Our nurse coordinators, Jennifer Scantlin and Deanna Maffett will provide you with a blood request form. They send out a weekly reminder on Tuesday mornings asking you to submit requests for blood needed for the following week by Noon each Wednesday. Please feel free to contact Jennifer or Dee at 273-4709 with any questions or for detailed instructions as to how to complete the request form.


For further information please contact: RHIC study nurse coordinator, Deanna Maffett at or Jennifer Scantlin at, 273-4709.

Fee Schedule

Service Fee
Service Level 1* ^


Service Level 2* ^


Extra charge for CPT tubes

$7.06 each (current as of March '11)

Service Level 3** ^ (for obtaining unit of blood)


Service Level 4`` (RSRB #12011 450mL unit of blood as available)

$100 (no honorarium is paid for these units)

Parking vouchers for subjects

Included in above fees

* Our collaborators are asked to cover the cost for the nurse coordinator's time recruiting volunteers, performing the comprehensive health survey or health update, phlebotomy, phlebotomy supplies, etc.

^ In addition to these changes, you will be charged for the honorarium to the subjects according to the sliding scale in the Healthy donor protocol where the appropriate range is $10-$55.

** Our collaborators are asked to cover the cost for the coordinator's time, honorarium, and blood bank charge.

`` Collaborators are asked to cover the coordinator's time and transportation for retrieval of the unit.

All costs are current as of 3/2/11 and may change based on current cost of supplies. Costs will be re-evaluated by the service on a regular basis and will be updated accordingly. Investigators will be informed of changes in fees as they occur.