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Below is a list of research projects currently underway at the University of Rochester Medical Center that are related to drug discovery.

Projects Funded by NIH Grants

Project Title Principal Investigator
Staphylococcus Aureus RNA Turnover Properties Paul Dunman
Novel Adjunctive Therapies For Neuroaids Harris Gelbard
Biomarkers for Esophageal Cancer Progression & Prognosis Tony Godfrey
Yeast Lifespan Chemical Screening David Goldfarb
Biacore T100 For Research & Drug Discovery In Rochester Clara Kielkopf
Selective in Vivo Ablation of Leukemia Stem Cells Craig Jordan
Chemical Genetic HTS Assay For Inhibitors Of Fungal Cell Wall Integrity Damian Krysan
Discovery and Evaluation of Fungicidal Anti-Cryptococcal Molecules Damian Krysan
Gene Networks Essential To Colon Cancer Phenotype Hartmut Land
P-1: Targeting Aurora Kinase In Aggressive B-Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas Daruka Mahadevan
SRF/MYOCD: New Targets In Alzheimer's Neurovasculature Joseph Miano
Preclinical Development Of Lead Compounds Targeting Myotonic Dystrophy Benjamin Miller
Selective Targeting Of G Protein Beta Gamma Subunits With Small Molecules Alan Smrcka
Experimental Therapy of Myotonic Dystrophy Charles Thornton
RNA-Mediated Mechanisms in the Myotonic Dystrophies Charles Thornton
Investigation Of APOBEC3G/VIF Interactions by SAXS and X-ray Crystallography Joseph Wedekind

Projects Funded by Foundations and Other Sources

Foundation Project Title Principal Investigator
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Screening for small molecule compounds that bind to A3G in cells and turn its anti-viral activity back on. Harold Smith, Ph.D.
Juvenile Diabetes
Research Foundation International
DLK/MLK Inhibitors for the Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy Steven Dewhurst, Ph. D.