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Image/Audio Data Capturing in Research Areas Involving Animal Experiments

In order to protect University of Rochester property, the privacy of employees, and the safety of animals, the following restrictions are placed on image capturing and audio recording as well as image capturing devices:

  • Image capturing or audio recording in areas where animals are housed, transported, or used for research, testing or teaching are prohibited unless authorized by a manager or Principal Investigator responsible for the area, information, or operation involved. This includes the recording of video and audio conferences.
  • The Animal Resource shall be notified when management (administration, PR, etc.) or a Principal Investigator authorizes image capturing, audio recording, or image capturing devices within a research or animal space.
  • These restrictions do not apply to University-approved overt security devices. Security Services must approve the installation of any covert image capturing or covert audio recording device.
  • Image capturing technology includes traditional film, video recording, and digital capture. Image capturing devices include traditional film cameras, video cam recorders (VCRs), digital cameras, computer-mounted video capture units, and mobile camera telephones.
  • While in areas where animals are housed, transported or used for research, testing or teaching, cellular phones, or PED (personal electronic devices) with video or audiovisual capabilities are permitted inside the area, BUT prior to entry the following must be done:
    • They must be turned OFF.
    • The external battery must be disconnected.
    • Cellular phones not equipped with a detachable battery are not permitted.
    • They must be stored in a closed container such as a purse, backpack, or briefcase.
    • Cellular phones may not be worn on a belt.