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Monthly Health Observances: What's New this Month? 

Members of our team share tips related to different health observances throughout the year.

September 2021

  • Set the stage for healthy eating habits, starting with your fridge! Learn how to create a clean, organized fridge that can make healthy weeknight meals that much easier and faster without too much extra effort. CCHP Registered Dietitian Jill Chodak takes us through her process.
  • Warm up this fall with this recipe for Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup. Our Lead Lifestyle Counselor Jennifer Lee shares how to make the simple, nutritious and customizable  dish.

August 2021

  • Get ready for back-to-school with Jill Chodak, RD, CDN,. In this video, she demonstrates how she's organizing her pantry by food group so her family can grab and go while still having nutritious and diverse options. 
  • In this Health in a Handbasket segment on Fox Rochester, Kayla Womeldorff, RD, CDN, shares some go-to no-cook meals for hot summer days. Avoid adding heat to your kitchen with these tips!

July 2021

  • There are so many opportunities for hiking around Rochester and the Finger Lakes region. In this outdoor video, Jennifer Lee, CCHP lead lifestyle counselor, and Kaitie Sprangers, customer experience supervisor at L.L. Bean Victor, share the many health benefits of hiking and important safety tips for the best experience.
  • Jill Chodak, RD, is a camping and campfire master. Looking for a meal idea for your next camping trip? She demonstrates how to make cod, couscous and asparagus in a foil packet, while sharing its health benefits. Enjoy!
  • Do you like going to your local farmers' market? Nina Rosien, RD, CDN, offers tips for making the most out of your trip and how she plans to use a recent produce haul of her own.
  • Kayla Womeldorff, RD, shares how to make patriotic and refreshing Frozen Yogurt Bark. On a recent Health in a Handbasket segment on Fox Rochester, Kayla shared simple ways to use leftovers from the holiday weekend.

June 2021

May 2021

  • Try this easy three-ingredient dessert for Mediterranean Diet Month. Kayla Womeldorff, RD, shares how to make almond-stuffed figs dipped in dark chocolate with a pinch of sea salt. 
  • May is Mediterranean Diet Month! Registered Dietitian Kayla Womeldorff shares simple ways to add plant-based foods to your eating plan that are low in saturated-fat and high in fiber.
  • Fire up the grill and switch up the menu with this grilled shrimp taco recipe from Jill Chodak, RD. Cook along with Jill as she dives into the health benefits of this fiber-rich and colorful meal. 

April 2021

  • Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Registered Dietitian Nina Rosien offers creative ideas to ensure you're staying hydrated.
  • Spice up spring with a deconstructed spring roll salad! In this cooking demonstration, Registered Dietitian April Ho shares how to make a nutrient-packed, fresh and flavorful salad. 
  • How can communication be more effective, especially in medical settings, in regard to weight and personal health? Clinicians Jill Chodak, RD, and Holly Russell, MD, joined Donna Burnette who shared her personal story on WXXI Connections with Evan Dawson. Listen here.

March 2021

  • Is BMI an effective measure for one's health? What are better ways to assess how we're doing? CCHP clinicians Jill Chodak, RD, CDN, and Clinical Director Holly Russell, MD, addressed these questions and more on an episode of WXXI News' Connections with Evan Dawson. Listen here

  • Looking for an inexpensive and nutritious 30-minute meal? Greens and beans is quick and full of fiber and other nutrients. Registered Dietitian Nina Rosien, CDN, demonstrates how to make the dish. It can be served as a meal, an appetizer or a side.
  • In the latest issue of BUZZ magazine, a ‘special edition’ publication for the University of Rochester alumni and friends, our own Jennifer Lee, lifestyle counselor and certified personal trainer, and Jill Chodak, registered dietitian, offer advice for springing forward in health.
  • April Ho, RD, CPT, presents "Healthful Eating During the Pandemic: Speedy Meals for Busy Households" as part of the Center's Got Health? series. Get tips for keeping dinner prep quick and affordable.

February 2021

  • April Ho, RD, CPT, gives a tour of her at-home gym.
  • Setting boundaries at home for physical activity: April Ho, RD, CPT, and Jennifer Lee, CPT, share how they set boundaries for themselves, and with their families, when it comes time to getting physically active at home.
  • Creating an inviting workout space at home: Clinicians from our team share how they've created spaces in their home where they like to be physically active and offer advice for staying motivated.
  • Cook along with Registered Dietitian Jill Chodak as she demonstrates how to make One-Pot Lentil Soup. Jill shares what ingredients you'll need, how to prep everything and the overall health benefits of the nutrient-dense meal! 

January 2021

  • Watch and cook along as Registered Dietitian April Ho demonstrates how to make her "Double Deluxe 3-Minute Breakfast Sandwich" that's packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats.  
  • How much of your day do you spend sitting? In this Got Health? Talk, titled "Keep Warm this Winter by Staying Active," Lifestyle Counselor Jennifer Lee, CPT, shares creative ways to incorporate physical activity throughout your day, tips for staying safe when exercising outside in the winter and more. 
  • ICYMI: The U.S. departments of Agriculture and Health & Human Services released the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans at the end of 2020. Registered Dietitian Jill Chodak spoke with Spectrum News Rochester about the new edition and how individuals can use the guidelines to "Make Every Bite Count!" 
  • Have you set intentions for your health in 2021? April Ho, CCHP registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, shares three skills that are helpful in achieving your health goals. These skills, like many others, take time and practice. Democrat & Chronicle subscribers can read more in April's recently published guest column.

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