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Monthly Health Observances: What's New this Month?

Members of our team share helpful tips and takeaways throughout the year.

November 2023

  • It's soup season! Stay warm with this vitamin A-rich, simple crockpot recipe for butternut squash, fennel and lentil soup, shared by CCHP Registered Dietitian April Ho.
  • November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Living with diabetes and prediabetes can affect our mental health, and growing research is exploring why that is, and what people can do to manage it. This article, "The Connection between Diabetes and Mental Health,"from the University of Maryland Medical System, gives us a snapshot into the connection between mental health and diabetes.

October 2023

  • Hot (or iced!) seasonal beverages can be tasty treats that add a fun fall flare to your day. However, some popular pumpkin-flavored drinks at our favorite coffee shops can have more than two days worth of added sugar (70+ g)! Help reduce this by making your own pumpkin spice drinks at home.

    CCHP Clinical Dietitian Allison Steinberger shares a Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe adapted from EatingWell. Finding your sweet spot between enjoying the foods you love, while watching your intake of added sugar, can help create a balanced, fun and lasting eating pattern.

  • Check out these 10 fall recipes for diabetes-friendly eating. The American Diabetes Association put together a collection of seasonal dishes, from creamy pumpkin pasta to maple-thyme roasted brussels sprouts, that offer a tasty way to enjoy the flavors of fall while keeping diabetes management on track.

  • Registered Dietitian Bethany Moran shares a fall-inspired sheet pan meal that is nutrient-packed and a great balanced option for a busy night. Watch the video for her favorite ingredients that add fiber and protein, as well as a variety of other ideas to make it your own.

  • Make your own home gym with just resistance bands! CCHP Certified Personal Trainer April Ho, RD, CPT, shares multiple ways you can use resistance bands to target a range of muscles – from your arms to your legs to your core! The exercise tool is simple yet effective and is great for building your strength.

September 2023

  • As we approach cold and flu season, many look to dietary supplements to boost immunity and improve health.

    CCHP Registered Dietitian Jill Chodak suggests people consider dietary supplements on an individual and cautious basis, and shares helpful questions to consider when thinking about adding supplements to your routine.

  • In honor of National Cholesterol Education Month, CCHP Registered Dietitian Amanda Schantz offers ways to make satisfying swaps to fall meals that will help increase fiber, decrease saturated fats, and maintain that joy these foods can bring. 

  • In everything from “ice cream” to a whipped spread for bagels, cottage cheese became the Internet’s recent favorite disguisable ingredient. But is this actually healthy? Does it taste good?

    CCHP Registered Dietitian Kayla Womeldorff shares some nutrition and her take on several of the trendy recipes.

  • Moving into fall: CCHP Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Eisnor started rock climbing five years ago. Being active while also trying something new works your body and mind. Interested in climbing? Rochester has a couple of indoor climbing gyms for all levels, including Central Rock Rochester and RocVentures.

  • Adjusting to the back-to-school schedules and routines can be hard, for both parents and kids. Jennifer Lee, CCHP lead lifestyle counselor, shares helpful ways to navigate change and find connection while promoting health and well-being. She uses concepts from Self-Determination Theory, a theory of motivation that our clinical team uses as the foundation of their practice.

August 2023

  • Is cereal one of your breakfast favorites? CCHP Registered Dietitian April Ho shares a simple recipe for making a nutrient-dense cereal that's high in fiber and protein.

  • As parents franticly collect school supplies, new sneakers and clothes, another concern is what to pack for lunch. It is a delicate balance of what your child is willing to accept and what has some sort of nutritional value. CCHP Registered Dietitian Amanda Schantz shares tips to help you make lunch a success.

  • When managing diabetes, planning for summer social events can sometimes feel tricky. Registered Dietitian Bethany Moran shares how in this Summer BBQ infographic.

    Remember, you can save money on fruits and vegetables by utilizing outdoor markets for in-season fresh produce, or using frozen or canned (rinsed) vegetables and fruits.

July 2023

  • CCHP Clinical Dietitian Jill Chodak shares what to consider when thinking about dietary supplements, and how to weed through all the nutrition noise in a way that supports your individual health.
  • Cut carbon emissions, saturated fat and cost with Summer Asian Beef Bowls, featured on page 16 of Registered Dietitian April Ho's Meals in a Snap cookbook!
  • Within a balanced diet, all foods fit! This summer (and beyond) consider practicing giving yourself permission to actually enjoy the foods you enjoy, without shame or guilt or ‘working it off.' Registered Dietitian Bethany Moran shares ways to help you be successful:
    • Reflect on what food provides for YOU and how it makes your FEEL.
    • Try leaving the terms ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food at the door – it’s all food!
    • Consider shifting away from ‘black and white’ thinking, aka “I must always eat like this,” and allowing for flexibility, aka “It’s okay for me to have this in moderation.”
  • In the most recent issue of the University of Rochester's Buzz magazine, Registered Dietitian Jill Chodak shares several recipes for fun snacks. Each one is customizable and contains fiber, protein and healthy fats.
  • Planning a trip to the farmer's market? Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Eisnor shares a variety of fruit and veggies that are in season, as well as two high-fiber recipes that you can make with your produce!

June 2023

May 2023

  • Registered Dietitian Bethany Moran recently shared her thoughts about the rewarding nature of her work in why I love being an RD on the CCHP team.
  • Our team of Registered Dietitians can support you in achieving your health goals. For example, Lead Dietitian April Ho, RD, CPT, shares areas to consider for fueling a healthy body for YOU.
  • Planning a springtime hike? Lead Lifestyle Counselor Jennifer Lee, CPT, TTS, shares tips for selecting snacks to fuel your next outdoor adventure.
  • Many people care about making responsible food choices with sustainability in mind. But, due to the many layers to sustainability and the wide variety of claims and labels found on our foods, it has become increasingly overwhelming to know how to make good choices. April Ho, RD, CPT, lead dietitian at our Center, offers some tips for navigating this complex food sustainability landscape with greater ease.

April 2023

March 2023

  • "As a coach, I have seen tons of people begin their fitness journey with a focus on 'health' in ways that brought them into unhealthy patterns," shares Lisa Nichols, lifestyle counselor and Olympic weightlifter. "It is my pleasure to be able to shine a light on it." In recognition of National Nutrition Month's “Fuel for the Future” theme, Lisa shares her personal journey with using food as fuel for fitness.
  • On a recent episode of the #TrailsRoc podcast "Words from the Woods," Jill Chodak, MS, RD, CDN, talks about Nutrition Month, the role of a Registered Dietitian, nutrition for athletes and more.

February 2023

  • April Ho, RD, CPT, recently shared a presentation in the community about the importance of maintaining good nutrition as we get older, and what nutrients help with different health conditions often impacted by aging. 
  • Registered Dietitian Jill Chodak teamed up with her family to share a recipe for a simple and delicious game day snack. Check out the how-to video for Buffalo chicken wing quesadillas that she did with WROC-TV News Channel 8!
  • February is American Heart Month. Lifestyle Counselor Lisa Nichols, MS, CRPA, RCP-F, shares ways to show your heart some love  with physical activity, as well as opportunities to get active throughout the Rochester-area. 
  • Bethany Moran, RD, shares some recent findings about flavanols in dark chocolate and addresses a myth regarding health benefits of the sweet. Bottom line? While chocolate may contain beneficial properties, it is unclear how much of it would provide beneficial effects. Chocolate available on the market can also be a source of added sugars and saturated fat. So, while chocolate can certainly fit, it may be best to consume for enjoyment in moderate amounts, rather than for potential health benefits.

January 2023

  • In our first Got Health talk of the year, April Ho, RD, CPT, shares her expertise on building a healthy body for the new year. Learn how to view the health language used by the media, friends and family with a critical eye and what you can do to stay motivated for healthy living throughout the year. 
  • These simple sheet pan nachos pack a punch with fiber! Registered Dietitian Jill Chodak shares her go-to recipe and thoughts on making the most of a meal while not getting trapped in the language used about nutrition this time of year.
  • Registered Dietitian Bethany Moran shares strategies for goal setting to help set yourself up for a year that feels fulfilling and successful to you.

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