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Research Option

The Research Option provides an opportunity for interested residents to receive their residency diploma with distinction in research. The resident should begin planning a research project during their PGY1 year and should have a proposal ready for review by the departmental committee no later than the beginning of the PGY2 year. If the project is approved, the resident may use four weeks of elective time in the PGY2 year and up to four weeks of elective time in the PGY3 year for focused work on their project. Alternatively, the resident can use ambulatory sessions within the block model to protect time to perform mentored research.

Completion of the research option requires:

  • Presentation of the completed project at a noon conference in the spring of the PGY3 year. The presentation will be attended and critiqued by a panel of faculty experts.
  • Preparation of a manuscript suitable for submission for publication.