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Marc Halterman

Marc Halterman, MD, PhD (2002 Alumnus)

Alumni have numerous opportunities to interact with our students in their training, on the interview trail, and beyond. Please see specific contact information with each of these opportunities. For more information, contact your SMD Alumni Council MD/PhD Representative and fellow alumnus, Marc Halterman (MD '02, PhD '02).

Medical Scientist Research Symposium

Each year, our program invites a distinguished scientist to visit Rochester and serve as the keynote for the MSRS. This symposium is a great opportunity to interact with current students and hear about their research! Contact the MSTP office or current Student Council president for more information.

Scientific Reasoning in Medicine

The SRM course consists of a seminar and journal club for first and second year students. Current faculty have the opportunity to give a Friday seminar on their field and assign a review article and a primary research article for the journal club the following Monday. This is a great opportunity to interact with students and make connections, including recruitment and collaborations. Contact the MSTP office or SRM course director for more information.

Dinner Seminar Series

The MSTP dinner seminar series is usually held on a weeknight and serves as an opportunity for professional development, career advice, or instruction on technical aspects of a physician scientist career that are not covered elsewhere in the dual curriculum. The series offers an opportunity to engage with students and participate in their physician-scientist education; it also often serves as a venue for student recruitment and collaborations. Contact the MSTP office or current Student Council Events Chair for more information.

Longitudinal Clerkships and Longitudinal Rounds

All MSTP students complete a series of longitudinal clerkships during graduate school. Physician scientists in Rochester who serve at an attending level on a weekly or biweekly basis can serve as preceptors for the clerkship. In addition, physician scientists at all levels of training can give short talks on their specialty and how to succeed on their service at regular MSTP Longitudinal Rounds. To serve as a preceptor for students, contact the MSTP office. To talk to our students at Longitudinal Rounds, contact the Longitudinal Rounds coordinator, Marc Halterman.

Interview Contact and/or Hosting

MSTP students in their final year of clinical training travel the country in search of the right residency program to fulfill their career goals as physician scientists. The process is not only expensive for students; it can also be overwhelming to process the vast amount of information and compare the multitude of options. Alumni can be a valuable resource in answering questions from students on the interview trail and/or hosting these students if they are visiting your institution. If you are interested in either or both of these, contact Marc Halterman.

Reach Out

The above opportunities are only a few of many ways to get involved with our students and our program. Please feel free to contact your MD/PhD Alumni Council representative, Marc Halterman to discuss other opportunities. Or, consider contacting students directly if appropriate.