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NYSDOH Point of Dispensing (POD) Resources

NYSDOH COVID-19 POD Operations Training (for POD staff in non-clinical roles)

Points of Dispensing (PODs) are community locations in which state and local agencies dispense medical countermeasures, such as vaccines, to prevent, mitigate, or treat adverse health effects of an international, accidental, or naturally occurring public health emergency. (CDC)  In this training, learners will be introduced to the non-clinical staff roles generally required to operate an Open POD.  The specific functions of the Greeter, Flow Controller, Registration Assistant, Educator, Observer, and Support Station roles will be reviewed in detail.


Note: All POD sites must have oversight from or be approved by NYSDOH or the applicable Local Health Department, and must have medical oversight by a licensed physician, licensed physician assistant (PA), or certified nurse practitioner (NP). These individuals must have a current certification in CPR.

NYSDOH COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Point of Dispensing (POD) Job Action Sheet (JAS) SAMPLES/TEMPLATES

These links provide examples of JAS related to identified senior management, core and support roles used in Vaccine Administration POD operations. The assumptions are this POD is an Open POD for general population, using the NYSDOH CDMS as the electronic record system, and using a “one-stop-shop” strategy for vaccine administration

Senior Management Team
  • POD Site Manager
  • Safety Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Logistics Chief
  • Operations Chief
  • Planning & Administration Chief
Core Function (Operations) Roles
  • Registration & Flow Control Lead
  • Greeters (Griage)
  • Registration Attendant
  • Flow Traffic Control
  • Vaccine Lead
  • Vaccine Administrator
  • Vaccine Support
  • Recipient Education
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Support Team Lead
  • Assistance/Support Staff
  • Behavioral/Mental Health Evaluation (Support)
  • Observer/First Aid
Supplemental Function Roles
  • Security Staff
  • Inventory Support Staff (Logistics)
  • Runner
  • Information Technology (IT) Staff (Logistics)
  • Check-in Staff (Plans)
  • Documentation (Plans)