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eFINDS Resources

eFINDS Non-Emergency Request Process

Non-emergency eFINDS Request Process (Oct2017)

Instructions for accessing eFINDS training barcodes (Jan2017)

WR eFINDS Request for Additional eFINDS Training Barcodes

CNY eFINDS Request for Additional eFINDS Training Barcodes
CDR eFINDS Request for Additional eFINDS Training Barcodes
MARO eFINDS Request for Additional eFINDS Training Barcodes

eFINDSv3.0 Facility Trainer Resources

eFINDSv3.0 Facility Training Slide Deck (July 2017)

eFINDSv3.0 Facility Training Slide Deck(July 2017)
eFINDSv3.0 Training Curriculum (July 2017)

eFinds Facility Trainer Helpful Hints
eFINDS Planning Considerations Checklist
eFINDS Function Recommendations Tables

eFINDS Facility Training Sign-in Sheet Template

Instructions for accessing eFINDS V3.0 training barcodes (Jan2017)

eFINDS Resource Material

eFINDSv3.0 - Quick Reference Card (Dec2018)
eFINDSv3.0 - Creating an Operation Quick Guide (Jan2017)
eFINDSv3.0 - Creating a Temporary Location Quick Guide (Jan2017)
eFINDSv3.0 - Mobile App Quick Guide (March 2017)
eFINDSv3.0 - Mobile Release Notes (March 2017)

Instructions for Hospital/ Healthcare Facility Evacuation Plan Revision for inclusion of eFINDS
eFINDS Activation Algorithm
NYS eFINDS Procedure
Sample - NYS Evacuation Annex (with eFINDS)
Sample - Section 15 - Patient Tracking and Accountability (with eFINDS)

Sample - eFINDS Administrator JAS
Sample - eFINDS Data Reporter JAS

eFINDS Paper Patient/Resident

eFINDSv3.0 Master Trainer Resources

eFINDSv3.0 Training: Pre-requisites and Requirements (Jan2017)
eFINDSv3.0 Training Curriculum (July2017)
eFINDSv3.0 Master TtT Slide Deck (Dec2018)
eFINDSv3.0 Master TtT Participant Handouts (Oct2017)
Enrollment Instructions eFINDS TtT BP1

NYSDOH eFINDSv3.0 Training Resources

CTI-502 eFINDSv3.0 Recorded Session
CTI-502 eFINDS V3.0 Demo Webinar Training Announcement (Jan2017)
CTI-502 eFINDS V3.0 Application Training Participant Guide  (Jan2017)

eFINDS - NYSDOH Operational and Programmatic Topics (Dec2013)

Scanner Info

eFINDS Scanner setup
Scanner Specifications
Pricing & CDW Ordering Instructions

GNYHA Patient Movement Workgroup Products

Patient Movement Workgroup Presentation (Oct2016)

Patient Evacuation Planning and Response Form for Sending Facility (Sept2016)

Suggested Data Elements for Transfer Forms and Face Sheets (Jan2016)

Improving Medical Record Access During Evacuations (May2016)


Other Evacuation Planning Resources

Hospital Evacuation Toolkit - Harvard MDPH (2014)
AHRQ Evacuation Decision Guide (2010)