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eFINDS Resources

eFINDS Supplies

eFINDS Supply Request Process  (Feb 2022): instructions for requesting eFINDS wristbands, training barcodes, or replacement scanner
eFINDS Demo/training barcodes (Jan 2017): instructions for accessing/printing eFINDS demo barcodes (pdf) for training and exercises

eFINDS Quick Guides

eFINDS Quick Reference Card (Dec 2018): Instructions for registering, evacuating, receiving, initiating repatriation and repatriating evacuees
eFINDS Mobile  (Jan 2019): Quick Instructions on how to install and use the mobile eFINDS Application
eFINDS Add Operation (Sept 2018): Reference guide on how to add or update a facility based operation (reason for evacuation)
eFINDS Add TMP Location (Sept 2018): Instructions for adding a temporary (TMP) location (ie, church, community center, school, etc)
eFINDS Scanner setup (April 2014): Quick Reference Card to set up, configure and test your eFINDS scanner

CTI-502 eFINDSv3.0 Training Resources

CTI-502 eFINDSv3.0 Recorded Session (Dec 2018): Registration link to view the recorded instructor led eFINDS demonstration. Session was recorded in December 2018
CTI-502 eFINDS V3.0 Application Training Participant Guide  (May 2018): Instructions on how to join the session after registering in the LMS, objectives of training, training scenarios, and hands on exercises.

eFINDSv3.0 Facility Trainer Resources

eFINDSv3.0 Facility Training Slide Deck (Nov 2019)

eFindsv3.0 Training Curriculum (2019)
eFinds Facility Trainer Helpful Hints

eFINDS Planning Resources

eFINDS Planning Considerations Checklist (April 2016): To guide discussion and planning of an eFINDS process with Facility Administrators
eFINDS Readiness Checklist (April 2014): e-FINDS for patient tracking during a single hospital/ facility or multi-facility evacuation event.
eFINDS Function Recommendations Tables
eFINDS Facility Training Sign-in Sheet Template
Instructions for accessing eFINDS V3.0 training barcodes (Jan2017)
Instructions for Hospital/ Healthcare Facility Evacuation Plan Revision for inclusion of eFINDS
eFINDS Activation Algorithm
NYS eFINDS Procedure
Sample - NYS Evacuation Annex (with eFINDS)
Sample - Section 15 - Patient Tracking and Accountability (with eFINDS)

Sample - eFINDS Administrator JAS
Sample - eFINDS Data Reporter JAS

eFINDS Paper Patient/Resident

eFINDSv3.0 Master Trainer Resources

eFINDSv3.0 FLRTC Training Requirements - How to Come Prepared For Class (Video - May2021)

eFINDSv3.0 Training: Pre-requisites and Requirements (Jan2017)
eFINDSv3.0 Training Curriculum (November 2019)
eFINDSv3.0 FLRTC Master TtT Slide Deck  (March 2020)
eFINDSv3.0 FLRTC Master TtT Participant Handouts (December 2022)

eFINDSv3.0 FLRTC BASIC Training for LTC MAP Handouts-2slides/page (November 2021) 
eFINDSv3.0 FLRTC BASIC Training for LTC MAP Handouts-3slides/page (November 2021)

Scanner Info

eFINDS Scanner setup (April 2014): Quick Reference Card to set up, configure and test your eFINDS scanner
Scanner Specifications  (Sept 2015): for NYS supplied eFINDS scanners