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URMC / Health Lab / Data

Data Core

Data collection and analysis serve as a connector across the various departments of the health system. Clinicians or project leaders approach the Data Core with a question or a problem they'd like to solve; from there, the group assembles an action plan.


The UR Health Lab team recognizes that, while technology may change, our approach to problem-solving doesn't. This sometimes includes defining the situation at hand, visualizing data to tell a story to patients or leadership, or focusing more on synthesizing data to actionable metrics. Through their work, the Data Core:

  • Improves patient experience by facilitating better patient care
  • Provides opportunities for providers to access data and explore projects they are interested in
  • Collaborates with providers to illuminate problems and solve them
  • Creates tools for the community


For those interested in working with the Data Core, these are the main interest areas we pursue: 


Exploratory Data Analysis

exploration of a novel idea or problem


Sample Project: Sleep Disturbances Study



Impact Analysis

investigation of the impact of an intervention


Sample Project: Butterfly


Data Visualization

visual communication with data


Sample Project: Stroke Dashboard



Advanced Analytics

application of advanced techniques to a problem


Sample Project: Alarm Fatigue Project

Overall, the Data Core has to know how to speak many different “languages” and connect themes, people, and data to come up with solutions or answers. The Data Core is a team of problem-solvers who utilize their unique skills to ultimately improve the lives of patients, providers, and the community as a whole.


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