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Suggestions - Plan Ahead for Breast Pump Availability

  • If a pump is needed upon discharge from the hospital, a lactation consultant will guide you in a plan for you and your baby.
  • We never suggest borrowing a used pump from a friend or family member.
  • If you prefer to own a breast pump, insurance coverage is available and pumps can be ordered from durable medical equipment suppliers. Most insurance providers require that you submit a prescription from your Obstetrician or Pediatrician and obtain your pump from a preferred supplier. Check with your insurance company on coverage and preferred suppliers.
  • If you decide to own, register with the medical equipment supplier approved by your insurance company prior to delivering your baby.  This will avoid last minute preparations during your hospital stay.
  • The mother’s license and insurance card can be brought in to one of the local durable medical goods suppliers by a family member to receive the pump while mother is hospitalized. We recommend that you call first to register with the supplier.