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During The Birth

The Birth Experience

Your children and other family members may visit you during labor. The presence of your children at birth is a decision for you to make with your health care provider. If children attend the birth, an adult, other than your partner, must be present to care for them. During your labor and delivery, family members may wait in our lounge near the Family Maternity Center.

During Labor

Laboring mothers are admitted to one of our private birthing rooms, designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which to fully appreciate the birthing experience. If you wish, you may walk around the Family Maternity Center during labor. Many mothers find that walking is relaxing and helps to pass the time during early labor.

Our private birthing rooms are equipped to handle all types of vaginal deliveries. All our rooms have the capacity for electronic fetal monitoring, infant resuscitation, and radiant infant warmers. Our special birthing beds adjust to various labor and delivery positions for maximum comfort.

Many women plan to avoid drugs during labor and delivery. Should you need medication, various forms of pain relief are available. During active labor, you are closely monitored by your nurse and your health care provider.

A delivery room is readily available for complicated deliveries, multiple births, and Cesarean deliveries or for parents who prefer a more traditional birth experience.