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2016 Poster Day Awards

19th Annual Resident Poster Day
October 11, 2016

Resident Poster Day is an annual event for any Medicine or Med/Peds to present clinical cases, QI projects or research. The event is open to the three city programs. This year, posters were presented in the Clinical Vignette and Research categories. Posters were judged on the chosen topic, the poster arrangement and the oral presentation.

Winners of Poster Day 2016

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Clinical Vignette

1st place: Katia Bravo-Jaimes, MD, URMC. “PE or not PE? Pulmonary angiosarcoma mimicking treatment-resistant pulmonary embolism” Katia is an IM PGY-3. Medical school: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Future plans: Cardiology fellowship.

2nd place: Amr Salama, MD, Nikhil Mehta, MD, Ahmed Ewida, MD, Rochester Regional Health. “Have You Measured the Temperature before Checking the ECG?!” Amr is an IM PGY-2. Medical School: Ain Shams. Future plans: Cardiology fellowship.

3rd place: Anat Kohn, MD, PhD, Daniel Lachant, DO, and Paul C. Levy, MD, URMC. “An Unusual Cause of Necrotizing Nodules” Anat is an IM PGY-2. Medical School: Rochester. Future plans: Pulm/CCM fellowship.


1st place: Matthew Gorgone, DO, Brian McNichols, MD, Jared Walsh, MD, William Novak, MD, Alec O’Connor, MD, MPH, Donald Bordley, MD, URMC. “The URMC Procedure Task Force: Improving Both Patient and Resident Experience in Procedures.” Matt is an IM PGY-3. Medical School: Lake Erie College. Future plans: Chief Resident.

2nd place: Vikram Samala, MD, Katia Bravo, MD, Genaro Fernandez, MD, Michael J. Moravan MD, Sughosh Dhakal, MD, Abrar H. Shah, MD, Mehmet K Aktas, MD, URMC. “CIED Malfunction in Patients Receiving Radiation is a Rare Event that Could be Detected by Remote Monitoring” Vikram is an IM PGY-3. Medical School: Kakatiya Med College. Future plans: Cardiology fellowship.

3rd place: Janice Cheong, MD, Tanya Sahay, MD, Chad Cornish, MD, Michael Winter, MD, Margaret Adamcewicz, DO, Kyra Singh, PhD, Shuang Wu, PhD, Gopal Ramaraju, MD, Jonathan Huang, DO, URMC. "Early Palliative Care Consultation Results in Shorter Length of Stay for Patients with Acute Decompensated Cirrhosis Transferred from Outlying Hospitals" Janice is an IM PGY-3. Medical School: Stony Brook. Future plans: Chief Resident.

3rd place: Amy An, MD, Mostafa Mohamed, Huiwen Xu, Sandy Plumb, Erika Ramsdale, Supriya Mohile, URMC. “Associations between impairments in geriatric assessment domains and prevalence of polypharmacy, potentially inappropriate medications, and drug interactions in cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy: A pilot study” Amy is an IM PGY-3. Medical School: Pittsburgh. Future plans: Oncology fellowship.

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