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Medicine-Pediatrics Interest Group (MPIG)

The Medicine-Pediatrics Interest Group is a group of medical students who work with Medicine-Pediatrics faculty to create events and opportunities for students interested in pursuing Medicine-Pediatrics. We value community involvement, mentorship, and professional identity formation.

Event Purpose Time Frame
Activities Fair Introduce the Med-Peds Interest Group to first year students and other students who haven’t heard about it. Late Summer (August)
Fall Mixer and Med-Peds Dinner Meet and greet the Med-Peds faculty and residents in URMC's Med-Peds program. Fall (August – September)
Med-Peds Introductory Presentation Meet with the Med-Peds residency program director, Dr. Brett Robbins, and learn more about avenues within Med-Peds. Fall (August – September)
Specialist Presentation Meet Med-Peds specialists and faculty presentations on their sub-specialties within Med-Peds. Late Fall (October – November)
Med-Peds Community Service and Volunteer Fair Meet community partners medical students can work with to improve Med-Peds patient health. Early Winter (January)
Med-Peds Presentation: Complex Case Presentation Discuss a complex case in Med-Peds presented by Med-Peds physicians and an interdisciplinary team. Spring (February – March)
Med-Peds MS4 Match Panel Meet fourth year medical students who have matched into Med-Peds residency programs and learn about their paths and experiences in medical school. Late Spring (March – April)

Faculty Contacts

Brett Robbins, MD
Brett Robbins, MD

Amy Blatt MD
Amy Blatt, MD

Resident Contact

David Nguyen, MD
David Nguyen, MD

Medical Student Contacts

Ashlee Joan Macalino (2021-2022)

Kristen Sportiello (2021-2022)

Jessica Wu (2021-2022)