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Adult Track Interns receive extensive faculty mentorship and supervision. In addition to monthly meetings with the track director and frequent meetings with the training director, each intern is assigned both an in-house supervisor and a community supervisor.

Medical Center Faculty

Stephen Basler, PsyD is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in psychological approaches to pain management.

Kathryn Castle, PhD is the Director of Adult Ambulatory Services, which includes General Ambulatory Service, Lazos Fuertes, the Deaf Wellness Clinic (DWC), and Strong Family Therapy Services (SFTS).

Catherine Cerulli, JD, PhD is a national expert in domestic violence, sexual assault and gender; she teaches the Identification and Response to Interpersonal Violence workshop.

Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan, PhD is a geropsychologist with particular focus on improving family experiences of care, and integration of psychology into medical settings.

Autumn Gallegos Greenwich, PhD specializes in interventions for psychological trauma, including Cognitive Processing Therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Deborah King, PhD is the Associate Chair for Education in the department of Psychiatry and has focused her work on late-life depression and suicide.

Megan Lytle-Flint, PhD is the faculty instructor for the Multicultural Experiential Seminar. Dr. Lytle-Flint's clinical and research expertise is in multiculturalism, with a particular focus on the health and suicide disparities among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQQ) individuals.

Amanda O’Hearn, PhD directs clinical services at the Deaf Wellness Center and conducts research in association with the National Center for Deaf Health Research.

Marc Swogger, PhD specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders. His research is focused on psychopathy, substance abuse and violence in criminal offenders.

RPC Faculty

Stephen Farmer, PsyD
Dale Kulick, PhD
Christine Ransom, PhD

Community Faculty

Sharon Gordon, PhD
Kathryn Karch, PhD
Robert Pollard, PhD