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Adult Track Interns receive extensive faculty mentorship and supervision. In addition to monthly meetings with the track director and frequent meetings with the training director, each intern is assigned both an in-house supervisor and a community supervisor.

Medical Center Core Faculty / Supervisors


Tara Augenstein, PhD. is the primary supervisor on the Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Units.  She specializes in the short-term treatment and stabilization of patients with acute psychiatric illness, specifically patients presenting with suicidal ideation or suicidal behaviors. Dr. Augenstein's research is focused on leveraging information from multi-informants and multi-methods to improve our ability to predict, diagnose, and treat psychopathology across the lifespan.

Ann Cornell, PsyD is a primary supervisor for interns' outpatient caseloads. She directs employer based services at the University of Rochester and focuses on understanding and meeting the emotional and mental health needs of employees across a wide range of settings. Her primary theoretical orientation is CBT.

Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan, PhD is a geropsychologist with particular focus on improving family experiences of care, and integration of psychology into medical settings. She supervises an adult track intern in a Geri-telepsych focused elective.

Autumn Gallegos Greenwich, PhD an outpatient supervisor to an adult track intern, Dr. Gallegos specializes in interventions for psychological trauma, including Cognitive Processing Therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.  

Donna Guardino, PhD is a staff psychologist at the Deaf Wellness Center.  Dr. Guardino’s research interests are: 1) on Certified Deaf Interpreters’ experiences working with language deprivation Deaf individuals in medical settings, and 2) Deaf population health and language deprivation. She supervises adult track interns within the Deaf Wellness specialty.

Kristen Holderle, PhD  is the primary supervisor on the inpatient Medicine in Psychiatry unit (iMIP) for the Adult Intern track and supervises child track interns for their outpatient caseloads. She is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Pediatrics and serves as the Associate Director of Clinical Psychology Training. Outside of her training roles, she is clinic director for the HEAL Clinic and is the psychologist on the child and adolescent psychiatry consultation/liaison service. Areas of expertise for Dr. Holderle include adjustment to chronic illness, pain management, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and general behavioral concerns. 

Paula Horvath, Ph.D. is a Rehabilitation Psychologist in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). Her clinical focus is on helping adults and their support systems cope with new onset injury, serious illness, and disability. Specialties include cancer rehabilitation, brain injury and concussion, and caregiver coping.

Renee Madathil, PhD in addition to her role as track director of the adult internship, she is a rehabilitation neuropsychologist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R). Her clinical practice focuses on assisting individuals and their support systems in psychological adaptation and coping with acquired injury, illness, and disability.

Amanda O’Hearn, PhD directs clinical services at the Deaf Wellness Center and conducts research in association with the National Center for Deaf Health Research.  She is a primary supervisor to adult track interns.

Maria Quinones-Cordero, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in delivering culturally sensitive care to racial/ethnic underserved populations. Her clinical approach incorporates cultural elements to the delivery of cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based interventions when working with marginalized communities (e.g., Latinos, African American) in order to increase therapy engagement and improve relevant clinical outcomes. Dr. Quinones-Cordero is a clinical supervisor for trainees rotating through the Lazos Fuertes clinic. 

Caroline Silva, PhD is the faculty instructor for the Multicultural Experiential Seminar. Dr. Silva's research and clinical expertise is in interpersonal and cultural risk factors for suicide, with a focus on suicide prevention among Spanish speaking populations.  Dr. Silva also provides supervision for interns completing an elective rotation at Lazos Fuertes, a URMC Spanish-language outpatient mental health clinic.

Marc Swogger, PhD is the director of the outpatient Psychological Testing Service and Co-Leads Diagnostic Group Supervision. His clinical specialization is anxiety disorders. Dr. Swogger's research focuses on both therapeutic and harmful substance use, with a current emphasis on the risks, benefits, and public health potential of kratom and psychedelics. He has studied interventions for harmful substance use, violence, and suicidal behavior among justice-involved people and inpatients.

Jennifer West, PhD is the Director of Clinical Psychology Training and Child & Adolescent Internship Track Director. She has extensive experience in the clinical treatment of children, adolescents, and families. Specializing in the assessment and therapeutic treatment of children with acute and chronic medical conditions (e.g., asthma, encopresis, recurrent abdominal pain, craniofacial differences). She is the psychologist for the Cleft and Craniofacial Team at Golisano Children's Hospital. Dr. West's research focuses on suicide prevention and firearm injury prevention using standardized patient methodology. She is the co-director of the University of Rochester Firearm Injury Prevention Program. Dr. West is an instructor in several seminars for psychology and psychiatry trainees and also teaches in the Pediatric Dentistry residency program.  In addition to her training director roles, Dr. West supervises child & adolescent track interns for their outpatient caseloads and for the GI elective.