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Faculty & Staff

Office of the Chair

Ann Dozier, RN, PhD, FAAN.
Professor, Chair and Division Chief, Department of Public Health Sciences

Susan Van Dongen
Administrative Assistant, Department of Public Health Sciences

Administration Staff

Name Position Contact
Jeananne Thomas Department Administrator (585) 275-1845
Susan Van Dongen, Administrative Assistant to the Chair (585) 275-2191
Lisa Rodgers Director, Grants & Agreement (585) 276-4512
Barbara Baisch Research Administrator, Grants & Agreement (585) 273-1618
Tammie Martin Research Administrator, Grants & Agreement (585) 276-4512
Emily Weber Research Administrator, Grants & Agreement (585) 273-3458
Pattie Kolomic Graduate Programs Administrator (585) 275-7882
Elaine Topeck Secretary, Graduate Education (585) 275-6806
Kelly Thevenet-Morrison Lead Programmer Analyst (585) 275-1817
Joseph Duckett  Information Analyst II (585) 275-0617
Michele Messenger Instructional Design Specialist (585) 275-5718
Nicole Russo Divisions Secretary
(585) 275-8784
Susan Martin Administrative Assistant (585) 273-4787

Division of Epidemiology

The Division of Epidemiology conducts of a broad scope of health-related investigations and the teaches the science  of epidemiology as a sequential reasoning process.

Primary Faculty

Name Research Interests Contact
Edwin van Wijngaarden, Ph.D. Professor, Division Chief and Doctoral Program Director

Environmental exposures in relation to neurologic conditions in both children and adults.

(585) 275-1985
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Robert C. Block, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P., F.N.L.A.
Associate Professor
Role of biomarkers, such as fatty acids, in the pathophysiology and prevention of heart disease (585) 275-3356
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Diana Fernandez, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Development of interventions that will help individuals avoid excessive weight gain (585) 275-9554
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Todd Jusko, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Environmental exposures during pregnancy and immune and neurodevelopmental outcomes in children (585) 273-2849
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David Q. Rich, Sc.D.
Associate Professor
Effect of environmental agents such as ambient air pollution on cardiorespiratory and perinatal / reproductive health (585) 276-4119
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Christopher Seplaki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Physical and mental health in later life, mechanisms of vulnerability and resilience, population health determinants, issues in measurement and estimation, complex systems analysis

(585) 273-1549
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Yu Liu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
HIV transmission and sexual network characteristics, prevention intervention to improve HIV care cascade (HIV testing, linkage-to-care, initiation/retention of antiretroviral therapy) among high-risk population, such as men who have sex with men, female sex workers, and people who inject drugs.
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Name Contact
Martha Tuttle Health Project Coordinator (585) 276-7686

Division of Health Policy and Outcomes Research

The Division of Health Policy and Outcomes Research is committed to lifelong inquiry and learning through the conduct of a broad scope of health-related investigations and the teaching and understanding of health and healthcare through interdisciplinary research.

Primary Faculty

Name Research Interests Contact

Peter Veazie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Program Director, Division Chief

Physician decision making; Patient decision making and the use of decision aids; Patient help seeking and compliance behavior

(585) 273-5464
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James G. Dolan, M.D.
Associate Professor, Chair, Education

Steering Committee

Clinical decision making support, multi-criteria decision making methods, particularly the Analytic Hierarchy Process,  shared decision making, risk communication and decision outcomes, translation of clinical evidence into practice. (585) 276-5161
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Yue Li, Ph.D.
 Professor (with Tenure)
Outcomes assessment and quality report cards; nursing home policies and impacts on quality; and  the quality of healthcare for persons with mental illness (585) 275-3276
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Helena Temkin-Greener, Ph.D., M.S.
Quality of care and outcomes research with a focus on the elderly, long-term care, and end-of-life.
(585) 275-8713
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Orna Intrator, Ph.D. 

Utilization and costs of nursing home residents; Organization and management of nursing homes; Veterans Health Administration Geriatrics and Extended Care Data and Analyses Center; Evaluation of implemented programs; Big Data systems and infrastructure for efficient analyses of health care utilization and costs (585-276-6892
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Shubing Cai, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
Quality of care received by the elderly,  statistical modeling and causal inference (585-275-6617
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Elaine Hill, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
Health economics; early origins; maternal health; population and environmental health; causal inference and quasi-experimental designs; health care utilization and quality

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Name Contact
Jill Szydlowski, Sr. Information Analyst (585) 275-3394
Jiejin Li, Sr. Information Analyst (585) 276-5798

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Improving health through community partnerships

We bring a unique blend of faculty expertise to our collaborative and translational research projects in local, regional and international settings, with a focus on

  • Understanding risk behaviors in community contexts
  • Conducting community-based intervention trials using community partnering models
  • Translating evidence-based interventions into effective and sustainable applications
  • Providing expertise in community health behavior change
  • Conducting population-based randomized controlled trials

Primary Faculty

Name Research Interests Contact
Ann M. Dozier, R.N., Ph.D.
Professor, Division Chief
Maternal Child and Women's Health, Community Based Participatory Research and Program Evaluation (585) 276-3998
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Amina Alio, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Racial/ethnic health disparities and global health; impact of behavioral, psychosocial and environmental factors on pregnancy outcomes, particularly among African Americans (585) 275-0482
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Nancy P. Chin, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Associate Professor
Social determinants of health in low-income communities (585) 275-9780
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Theresa Green, PhD,MBA
Assistant Professor

Community engaged education for health professionals, health systems especially the interaction of health care delivery and public health, hospital community benefits and community health improvement planning


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Camille A. Martina, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Professor
Environmental Medicine and Medical Ecology; Public Health implications of endocrine disrupting compounds, social determinants of academic success, and program evaluation (585) 273-3874
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Scott McIntosh, Ph.D., M.A.
Associate Professor, Director, Greater Rochester Area Tobacco Cessation Center

Smoking Cessation in special populations, Technology/Web Assisted Risk Behavior Intervention and Dissemination of effective interventions to physician practices (585) 275-0511
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Deborah J. Ossip, M.S., Ph.D.
Professor (with tenure), Director, Smoking Research Program
Behavioral medicine and outcomes management include tobacco use and smoking interventions, obesity prevention and exercise (585) 275-0528
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Name Contact
Connie Bottoni, Health Project Coordinator (585) 275-9496
Jamie Biear Health Project Coordinator (585) 275-0627
Holly Widanka, Sr. Health Project Coordinator (585) 276-4840
Jason Muskopf, Health Project Coordinator (585) 275-7321
Thomas Della Porta, Sr. Health Project Coordinator (585) 275-0598

Healthcare Management

The Office of Clinical Practice Evaluation (OCPE), at the University of Rochester Medical Center's Strong Memorial Hospital, promotes evidence-based knowledge, understanding, and improvement for Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Hospital and the University of Rochester Medical Center community through the measurement, reporting, and dissemination of clinical and quality performance data. We maintain several clinical and national comparative databases that support and facilitate clinical analysis, quality improvement, and outcomes research. OCPE reports include the Hospital Scorecard, the Clinical Service Scorecard, and the Management Plan Tracking Reports. OCPE also provides customized information through requests received for clinicians, administrators, and researchers.

Primary Faculty

Name Contact
Robert J. Panzer, M.D.
Division Chief
(585) 275-8762
Robert J. Panzer, M.D.
Donna Berryman, Ed.D. M.L.I.S Donna Berryman, Ed.D. M.L.I.S
Jack E. Brown, PharmD, M.S. Jack E. Brown, PharmD, M.S.
Christine Burke J.D. Christine E. Burke, J.D.
Steven I.Goldstein, M.S. Steven I. Goldstein, M.S.
Christopher Hoolihan M.L.I.S. Christopher Hoolihan, M.L.I.S.
Michele M. Lawrence, M.B.A., M.P.H Michele M. Lawrence, M.B.A., M.P.H..
Raymond J. Mayewski, M.D. Raymond J. Mayewski, M.D.
Kathleen M. Parrinello, Ph.D., M.S. Kathleen M. Parrinello, Ph.D., M.S.
Patricia Reagan Webster, Ph.D. Patricia Reagan Webster, Ph.D.
Peter G. Robinson, M.P.H., M.A. Peter G. Robinson, M.P.H., M.A.
Lisa A. Nelson, Pharm.D. Lisa A. Nelson, Pharm.D.
Julia F. Sollenberger, M.L.S Julia F. Sollenberger, M.L.S.
Spencer L.Studwell, J.D. Spencer L. Studwell, J.D.
David F. Webster M.S.B.A., R.P.H David F. Webster, M.S.B.A., R.P.H


Name Contact
Rachel Ingram, Division Secretary (585) 275-4064
Judy Hughes, Sr. Health Project Coordinator (585) 275-7712