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Collaborative Analysis

The Bioinformatics team welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with URMC labs. There are several options for collaboration and we handle each inquiry based on project needs.  If you're interested in working collaboratively with us, we urge you to contact us to learn more about options.

Selected publications we have co-authored

Targeting the gut microbiome to treat the osteoarthritis of obesity.

Tudor-SN–mediated endonucleolytic decay of human cell microRNAs promotes G1/S phase transition

Genome-Wide Transcriptional Analysis Reveals Novel AhR Targets That Regulate Dendritic Cell Function during Influenza A Virus Infection | ImmunoHorizons

Neonatal gut and respiratory microbiota: coordinated development through time and space

The Methyltransferase Setd8 Is Essential for Erythroblast Survival and Maturation

A comprehensive list of all co-authorships are listed in detail here