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UNYTE Partnership

The Genomics Research Center's Bioinformatics Group has partnered up with Rochester Institute of Technology to develop a set of NGS-related bioinformatics training tools to provide students enrolled in the Biotechnology and Bioinformatics programs access to biomedical NGS data sets. The goals of this effort include providing hands on NGS experience to RIT students and foster relationships between biomedical labs at URMC and bioinformatics students at RIT. 



On 9/11/2019 Elizabeth and Jackie attended RIT's Genomics class to discuss the work done at the GRC and answered questions about what the GRC looks for in potential candidates. Future plans for UNYTE involve presenting a seminar at RIT highlighting the NGS related biomedical research that is conducted at URMC as well as designing and independent study for RIT students that will prepare them to seamlessly transition into NGS driven biomedical research. If you're interested in being a URMC-biomedical lab host to an RIT student please contact us. 








On 9/25/2019 Elizabeth and Jackie presented during the "Georgia Gosnell Seminar Series" at RIT highlighting how biomedical genomics can impact human health and how URMC is utilizing next generation sequencing to answer complex biologiJAM_seminarcal questions. We want to motivate students to reach out to us to gain experience working with biomedical bioinformatics research. If you are a current RIT or UR student please email us to ask about the resources we are putting together to help you gain invaluable experience that will make you an ideal candidate in your future career search!









jam_journalOn 10/18/19 Jackie Myers ran a journal club paper discussion during BIOL-340 focused on the transcriptional changes underlying erythroid cell differentiation. The paper we read and dissected was "Global transcriptome analyses of human and murine terminal erythroid differentiation." An et al. 2014 doi: 10.1182/blood-2014-01-548305. Students were very engaged and asked great questions, demonstrating their understanding of the material