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Influenza Hospitalization Surveillance


InfluenzaActive surveillance for hospitalized laboratory–confirmed influenza cases among Rochester area residents has been conducted for the ninth consecutive influenza season. Laboratory-confirmed influenza is reportable to the New York State Department of Public Health. Rochester EIP staff conducts surveillance for hospitalized cases of influenza among residents of the Rochester region.

Goals and Objectives

  • Determine the age-specific rates of laboratory confirmed influenza associated hospitalization.
  • Determine the rate of serious influenza-associated complications, such as secondary bacterial infections, and the need for ICU admission/mechanical ventilation.
  • Identify factors that are associated with severe illness or influenza-associated complications.
  • Evaluate adherence to influenza vaccination recommendations.


Active surveillance for laboratory-confirmed influenza hospitalizations is conducted among residents of the seven county Rochester catchment area. A case is defined as a resident in the catchment area having a hospital admission with a laboratory confirmed influenza infection. Demographic, primary care provider contact, diagnostic, and vaccination information are collected from the medical chart of cases and are recorded on a standardized case report form.

This is a multi-site project conducted by nine other Emerging Infections Programs in the United States. Aggregate results are shared with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Comprehensive and aggregate data analyses for this project are ongoing and available at the following websites:


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