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Ovarian Cancer: Your Questions Answered

Highland experts explain symptoms, advanced treatments

In support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Highland Hospital’s gynecologic oncologists explain what you should know about the disease, including symptoms, your risk, advances in treatment and resources you can find at Highland.

Featured Video: Leaders in Gynecologic Cancer Surgery

Highland Hospital is a leading provider of robotic surgery to women with gynecologic cancers: In 2011, Highland performed the most robotic hysterectomies in New York state. According to Brent DuBeshter, M.D., studies have shown institutions with high volumes of these cases have better outcomes. He explains the benefits and what Highland is doing at the forefront of ovarian cancer care.


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What you need to know videoOvarian Cancer: What You Need to Know.A woman’s lifetime risk of developing invasive ovarian cancer is 1 in 71, and 75 percent of women who are diagnosed will have an advanced stage of the disease. Cynthia Angel, M.D., a gynecologic oncologist at Highland Hospital, explains the importance of recognizing symptoms early and knowing your risk.

Ovarian Cancer and Gynecologic Oncology Care videoOvarian Cancer and Gynecologic Oncology Care: Gynecologic Oncologists guide women through diagnosis, surgery, treatment and follow-up care. Sajeena G. Thomas, M.D., explains how these physicians partner with their patients to reassure them and give them the best possible experience.