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Setting up my iPad

URMC iPad Profile - It Does It All For You! (...and It's Required)

The URMC Profile is required and will easily and automatically configure many things you need for your iPad (email, wireless network & passcode, and required security settings). All you will need to supply are your URMC username and password, and choose a passcode when prompted. It will also allow for resetting your passcode, finding your iPad in case it becomes lost, or performing a remote wipe of your iPad if it cannot be found.

Installing this profile means you can skip the other settings listed under Additional Information - Specific Settings (Below).

Powering On and Setting Up Your iPad

Just received your iPad? Powering on for the first time? This guide will walk you through the initial power-on activation of your iPad. Click here for the Power On document.

Apple ID

An Apple ID is necessary to be able to use your iPad. You can create one while setting up your iPad or set one up beforehand by going to If you do not wish to associate a credit card with your Apple ID, you can follow these instructions from Apple.

Additional Information - Specific Settings


Instructions for Configuring VPN
Follow the link for a PDF with instructions on how to configure your iPad for connecting to the URMC from off campus through VPN.

Note: The settings below are not required for those who install the URMC Profile.


Instructions for Configuring Wireless
Follow the link for a PDF with instructions on how to configure your iPad for connecting to the secured wireless network.


Instructions for Configuring Email
Follow the link for a PDF with instructions on how to configure your iPad for your URMC email.


See more information on Security


You will need to configure, at minimum, a four-number PIN passcode to unlock your iPad if the screen has been put to sleep or when the iPad is powered on. The URMC profile will prompt you to enter one. You may also choose to increase the passcode complexity and use passwords for higher security. Activating a passcode at any level will encrypt the contents of the iPad. See Passcode Lock & Auto-Lock in Settings > General.


It is highly recommended that you set a timeout for when the iPad will put the screen to sleep and lock itself. The URMC Profile will configure this for you.

Why enable these security features?

Enabling these features is important for securing the information on your iPad, both sensitive and/or confidential information you may be working with as well as your own personal information. If left unsecured, a debit or credit card attached to your Apple ID could be easily drained of funds. Having the iPad timeout to a passcode lock can help protect you from such an occurence. Your iPad can also be remotely wiped in case of theft to further protect your information and accounts.

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