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Jennifer Anolik Lab

Jennifer Anolik, M.D., Ph.D.

Ph.D. 1994, M.D. 1996
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Allergy/Immunology and Rheumatology

Research Overview

Dr. Anolik is a physician-scientist in systemic autoimmunity and human B cell biology with a research program in translational immunology. Her research interests include the role of B cells in the pathophysiology of human systemic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and the study of new immuno-modulatory treatments. As part of the research group at the University of Rochester she has been one of the pioneers in the use of B-cell depletion for the therapy of autoimmune diseases and investigation of the effects of B cell depletion on immune function in SLE patients. She has also pioneered the use of tonsil and bone marrow biopsies as a means of probing immune dysregulation in autoimmune diseases, including SLE and RA. Her recent work has elucidated a previously unrecognized cross-talk between the B-cell compartment and neutrophil driven interferon production in the bone marrow in SLE that alters B-cell development and selection, as well as a critical role for B-cells in regulation of bone homeostasis in RA.

In addition, Dr. Anolik’s lab is an Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) Site. The AMP RA/Lupus Network was formed through the cooperative efforts of the National Institutes of Health, biopharmaceutical companies and non-profit organizations to support collaborative research in the United States and internationally. Scientists within the network are working to identify targets for the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases, especially rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Dr. Anolik has served as a mentor for many students and post-doctoral fellows and continues to mentor future scientists in her lab. She is the Director of the URMC Lupus Clinic and Program and coordinates the Division’s annual Lupus Patient Education Day.

The Anolik Lab

anolik lab