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75th Anniversary Webinar Series

The Past, Present & Future of Biopsychosocial Education, Care, Research, and Community Partnerships

How the World Changed UR Psychiatry and UR Psychiatry Changed the World

Developed by George Engel in the early days of our department, the biopsychosocial model has grown to be an internationally recognized approach to understanding health and illness and as a guide to proper diagnosis and care of patients. The biopsychosocial model was born in an era when psychopharmacology was in its infancy, and when psychoanalysis was in the ascendancy. Yet it somehow retains its relevance. It has also been a framework to guide our development of excellence in each of the department’s missions over many decades. It has also been a framework to guide our development of excellence in each of the department’s missions over many decades.

This 75th Anniversary Webinar Series will examine our history and attempt to understand the staying power of this approach which remains the cornerstone of our practice.  It will highlight how UR Psychiatry has been an innovator in clinical care, education, research, and relationships with the communities in which we live and work.​

Feb. 8 | Romano & Engel: A Deep Dive and Personal Discussion on their Vision, Mentorship and the Need for Human-Centered Care, Education, and Research

Moderator: Stephanie Brown Clark
A conversation with Ted BrownRichard CicconeLarry Guttmacher, Jack McIntyre, and Diane Morse.

March 1 | An Overview of Biopsychosocial Innovations in Education

Moderator: Deborah King

A conversation with Courtney Blackwood, Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan, Wendi CrossRon Epstein, Susan McDaniel, Tziporah Rosenberg, and Rob Weisman.

March 29 An Overview of Biopsychosocial Innovations in Care

Moderator: Eric Caine

A conversation with Gloria Baciewicz, Carole Farley-Toombs, Steve Lamberti, Kenya Malcolm, Telva Olivares, Bob Pollard, E.J. Santos, and Patrick Seche.

April 26An Overview of Biopsychosocial Innovations in Research

Moderator: Yeates Conwell

A conversation with Tom O'Connor, Kim Van Orden, Jan Moynihan, Anton PorsteinssonSteve Silverstein, and Peter Wyman.

May 24 | An Overview of Biopsychosocial Innovations in Community Partnerships

Moderator: Leah Hill, Clinical Engagement Specialist
A conversation with: Eric Caine, Catherine CerulliYeates Conwell, Stephanie GambleMelissa Heatly, and Rev. John S. Walker.

Aug. 30 | Biopsychosocial 2.0: The Future of Biopsychosocial Care, Discovery, Learning, and Community Partnership 

Ben Lee, MD, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Lee outlines the vision for the future of our department and together reimagines the biopsychosocial model to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Webinar Reference Materials

Additional details and references from the 75th anniversary webinars. 

"If there is a distinguishing feature about Rochester from all the other medical schools, it is ...that students at Rochester are more oriented .... towards the patient. Rochester students and Rochester graduates are more likely to see themselves working with patients, not just with disease." - George Engel

5-minute lightning round talks on biopsychosocial innovations in: 

  • 5-minute lightning round talks on:

  • Creating unique spaces such as Lazos Fuertes, Deaf Wellness & Integrated behavioral health and Medicine in Psychiatry program y
  • The evolution of substance use disorder treatment in the Department of Psychiatry
  • Infant and early childhood care
  • Expanded geriatric psychiatry services using Telepsychiatry/ECHO
  • Community approaches to care for serious mental illness/FACT model
  • Innovations in psychiatric nursing & nursing practitioner care

5-minute lightning round talks on:

  • Innovations in psychotic and mood disorders research
  • Connections between social connectedness and health
  • The science of immunity, the mind, and the body – Psychoneuroimmunology, Robert Ader 
  • Environmental impact on children’s long-term health and development
  • Innovations in Alzheimer’s disease research

5 minute lightning round talks on:

  • Partnership with the Court Systems
  • Partnership in Public Health and Preventive Psychiatry
  • The SHARE (Senior Health and Research) Alliance
  • Partnership with the Schools
  • Partnership with the Veteran services
  • Partnership with the Clergy Mental Health Collaborative