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Stop Smoking

VictoryPeople who reduce or stop using tobacco enjoy immediate and substantial health benefits. If you feel able to stop, we will build a plan together that meets your needs and timetable; if you are not sure you want to stop altogether, or find it difficult, we will support you and discuss what you can do to care for your health right now.  

What you can expect:

Our Tobacco Dependence program has worked for many people, and it can work for you. Even if you are not ready to stop, we will support you and discuss what you can do to care for your health right now. You will:

  • Receive proven methods to help you manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent and handle relapses
  • Discuss medication options, when needed
  • Feel supported and encouraged every step of the way

Ready to get started?

Feeling better and living healthier is just a phone call or click away:

Call (585) 530-2050 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you about this program or our other lifestyle management programs.

For University of Rochester employees:

These lifestyle management programs are available as part of the YOURhealth employee wellness program, and may be covered by your University health care plan. View the schedule of upcoming programs, confirm your eligibility, and enroll online.