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2016-2017 Student Composite

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

5th Year

6th Year


Lauren Benoodt
Lauren Benoodt
    Kyle Berger
    Kyle Berger
      Michael Bryan
      Michael Bryan
        Chapin Cavender
        Chapin Cavender
          Sai Chavali
          Sai Chavali
          • First Year
            Udaysankar Chockanathan
            Udaysankar Chockanathan
              Comparison of the efficacy of various correlation and causation algorithms for quantifying interactions in resting-state fMRI brain activity using approaches from graph theory.
              Stephen Constable
              Stephen Constable
              • First Year
                Debapratim Dutta
                Debapratim Dutta
                  Mohammad Kayedkhordeh
                  Mohammad Kayedkhordeh
                    Rohith Palli
                    Rohith Palli
                      Investigating how conventionally used techniques to characterize resting-state fMRI brain activity compares with our Mutual Connectivity Analysis (MCA) approaches by evaluating performance on realistic simulated fMRI data.
                      Letty Salas Estrada
                      Letty Salas Estrada
                        Mallory Scott
                        Mallory Scott
                          Characterizing the Expression of Voltage Gated Calcium Channels in Rat Superior Cervical Ganglia
                          Karl Smith
                          Karl Smith
                            The Physiologic Role of Mitochondrial Potassium Channels
                            Louis  Smith
                            Louis  Smith
                              Daniel Steiner
                              Daniel Steiner
                              • First Year
                                Zhen Tan
                                Zhen Tan