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2017-2018 Student Composite


Current Students

Lauren Benoodt

Lauren Benoodt

Research Interest: Defining Context Specific Gene Sets for Deconvolution and Pathway Analysis

Kyle Berger

Kyle Berger

Research Interest: Surprising Sequence Effects on GU Closure of RNA Loops

Michael Bryan

Michael Bryan

Research Interest: Multiplex Detection of Biomarkers for Sepsis by Monolithically Integrated Photonic Microring Resonator Biosensors in a Hand-held Device

Chapin Cavender

Chapin Cavender

Research Interest: Conformational Dynamics of an HIV-1 RNA Hairpin Bound to a Lab-evolved Peptide

Udaysankar Chockanathan

Udaysankar Chockanathan

Research Interest: Comparison of the efficacy of various correlation and causation algorithms for quantifying interactions in resting-state fMRI brain activity using graph theory approaches

Stephen Constable

Stephen Constable

Debapratim Dutta

Debapratim Dutta

Research Interest: Elucidating Signal Transduction Pathways in RNA-mediated Gene Regulation

Mohammad Kayedkhordeh

Mohammad Kayedkhordeh

Research Interest: Monte Carlo: A New Approach to Predict RNA Secondary Structures Including Pseudoknots

Rohith Palli

Rohith Palli

Research Interest: Proportional Boolean Networks for Pathway Analysis of omicsData

Mukta Palshikar

Mukta Palshikar

Letty Salas Estrada

Letty Salas Estrada

Research Interest: Fast and Slow Rhodopsin Activation Dynamics

Louis  Smith

Louis  Smith

Research Interest: Benchmarking RNA Force Fields using Hairpin Loop Folding Free Energy Change

Daniel Steiner

Daniel Steiner

Zhen Tan

Zhen Tan

Research Interest: TurboFold II: RNA Structural Alignment and Secondary Structure Prediction Informed by Multiple Homologs