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2016-2017 Student Composite


Active Students

Lauren Benoodt

Lauren Benoodt

Kyle Berger

Kyle Berger

Turner Lab - Unexpected Structure and Stabilities for RNAs Containing GU Base Pairs Near Loops

Chapin Cavender

Chapin Cavender

Udaysankar Chockanathan

Udaysankar Chockanathan

Wismüller Lab - Comparison of the efficacy of various correlation and causation algorithms for quantifying interactions in resting-state fMRI brain activity using graph theory approaches

Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D., Ph.D.)

Stephen Constable

Stephen Constable

Debapratim Dutta

Debapratim Dutta

Wedekind Lab - Relating RNA Structure to Regulatory Conformation in Live Cells

Mohammad Kayedkhordeh

Mohammad Kayedkhordeh

Mathews Lab - Investigating Genome-wide Patterns of Secondary Structure in mRNA Sequences

Rohith Palli

Rohith Palli

Thakar Lab - Comparing conventional techniques to characterize resting-state fMRI brain activity to our Mutual Connectivity Analysis (MCA) approach using realistic simulated fMRI data

Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D., Ph.D.)

Letty Salas Estrada

Letty Salas Estrada

Grossfield Lab - Characterization of Opsin's Activation Mechanism Using Multi-basin Structure-based Models

Louis  Smith

Louis  Smith

Mathews Lab - Benchmarking RNA Force Fields using Hairpin Loop Folding Free Energy Change

Daniel Steiner

Daniel Steiner

Zhen Tan

Zhen Tan

Mathews Lab - Model RNA Secondary Structure with Sequence Comparison and Experimental Mapping Data