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Current Student Composite (Updated annually in fall)


Current Students

Lauren Benoodt

Lauren Benoodt, M.S.

Research Interest:
Development of Computational Algorithms for Curation, Inference, and Analysis of Viral Responsive Gene-sets
Kyle Berger

Kyle Berger, M.S.

Research Interest:
GU Base Pairs Flanking Internal Loops Can Adopt Diverse Structures
Michael Bryan

Michael Bryan, M.S.

Research Interest:
Development of Integrated Photonic Microring Resonator Arrays as a Biosensing Platform for Characterizing Human Immunological Responses to Infection
Chapin Cavender

Chapin Cavender, M.S.

Research Interest:
Linear Fitting of Nonbonded Parameters for RNA Force Fields
Sai Chavali

Sai Chavali

Research Interest:
Structural Analysis of Multiple Lab-Evolved Proteins that Bind HIV-1 TAR RNA with NanoMolar Affinity
Debapratim Dutta

Debapratim Dutta, M.S.

Research Interest:
Elucidating Signal Transduction Pathways in RNA Mediated Gene Regulation
Mohammad Kayedkhordeh

Mohammad Kayedkhordeh, M.S.

Research Interest:
Monte Carlo: A New Approach to Predict RNA Secondary Structures Including Pseudoknots
Rohith Palli

Rohith Palli

Research Interest:
Ensemble Boolean Networks for Pathway Analysis of Omic Data
Mukta Palshikar

Mukta Palshikar

Martha Anne Pickard

Martha Anne Pickard

Ashlin Poruthoor

Ashlin Poruthoor

Letty Salas Estrada

Letty Salas Estrada, M.S.

Research Interest:
Study of Ultra-fast Rhodopsin Activation Dynamics with Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Louis Smith

Louis Smith, M.S.

Research Interest:
Do Simulations of RNA Need Explicitly Modeled Hydrogen Bond Energies to be Accurate?
Yoshita Srivastava

Yoshita Srivastava

Daniel Steiner

Daniel Steiner

Research Interest:
Alternative μPADs using Integrated Photonics
Zhen Tan

Zhen Tan, M.S.

Research Interest:
TurboFold II: RNA Structural Alignment and Secondary Structure Prediction Informed by Multiple Homologs