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AIDS Vaccine Case Study

Antioxida​nts and Cancer

As the Scale Tips: Phthalates and Reproductive Health

Asthma in the City

Autism, A Pervasive Dilemma


Bioassay Investigation with Daphnia

The Brain and Drugs

Brain Development and Toxins


Caffeine and Neural Fatigue

Cancer Treatments

Cancer Trends: A DBQ

Cancer Truth or Cancer Myth Survey

The Cell Cycle and Cancer

Chemistry of Alcohol

Coping With Cancer

Cough, Cough, Wheeze, Wheeze:  Mold and Asthma


Dangers Seen and Unseen: Water and Environmental Health

Diagnosing Diabetes

Disease Detectives

DNA Microarrays (Gene Chips) and Cancer

Drugs and Development


Effects of Environmental Lead Poisoning on Human Health

Effects of Prenatal Drug Exposure—Long-Term Studies

Environmental Health Concerns: From Problem to Public Policy


Family Secrets

Fear: Body Alert


Genetic Testing for Huntington's Disease


Hand on a Hot Stove

Home Sweet Home: The Mysterious Death of Janette Williams—Hazardous Household Chemicals

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Cancer


"I" Can't Hear You:  Noise Pollution

Introduction to Toxicology

Is Floratryp Addicting?

It's Organic, How Can That be a Problem? Organic Solvents and Human Health


Just a Bang to the Head


Kidney Dialysis

Kidney Donor

A Kidney Problem?

Kidney Rejection

Killing Killer Rain: Acid Rain and Environmental Health


Lab Activities to Accompany Killing Killer Rain

Living Downstream: Potable Water and Human Heatlh

Long-Term Effects of Drug Addiction


Making the Tools of the Trade

Male vs Female Brain

A Medical Mystery of Epidemic Proportions (Extended Version)

A Medical Mystery of Epidemic Proportions (Short Version)

Metastasis and Homeostasis

Modeling Effects of Drugs on Neuron Communication


Nano Benefits

Nano Ecology

Nano Particles

Nano Risks

Nano Scale

Nano Silver

Nanoproducts: Benefits and Risks


Nerve Cell Communication


Oh Say Can You See CO?


Radon: A Dangerous Link in the Decay Series of Uranium

Reading for Evidence: Cancer Understandings


The Right To Choose: A Cancer Case Study


Sleep: A Waste of Time or a Necessity of Life?

Stem Cell Biology: Adventures of Cryptic Ron

Stem Cell Biology (Extended Version)

Stem Cell Biology (Short Version)

Stem Cells and Cancer


Taste Blind

Thalidomide: A Cancer Treatment

"Tox In" the City: Introducing Environmental Health Services


Understanding Cancer: National Cancer Institute Tutorial


Well, What Will We Drink? Water Testing and Safety

What Patients Need to Know About Cancer

Winning the Waiting Game


Your World: Fighting Cancer with Biotechnology